What is this JP thing? some visitors might wonder. Those who never executed one on their computers I (Zito) recommend to read the short introduction below. Take the time to read it, before you blame us for damages on your computer or brain after downloading...

JP is a grammalogue/shortening for "Jurassic Pack" which is the name of our computer scene related magazine, a so-called diskmag, for the Amiga computer. (It is no pack nowadays - although its name indicates the idea - but still 100% a diskmag!) If that does not interest you, you should not stop reading this homepage though! You might find some interesting things for you like graphics and musics for example.

Who Are The People Behind JP? At first JP was planed to be a pack, therefore the name. And infact the "real" first three issues have been released as just a pack. It even had some norwegian articles in it. These issues were actually not in the real line of JP since they were really bad and had Amos code only by Killjoy/Bannana Dezign (graphics by him as well) and were hardly seen by any scener. As Sixpack was a swapper back then in 1993 he provided the intros and a few texts. The group were JP has been released first was Tonic Inc. and then Sixpack formed Gods with some other dudes, got an advanced code from Zytrox and Ghandy joined. After the first issue Sixpack had to go to the military service and never really returned. From this point until issue #7 Ghandy were always present as the main editor besides Sixpack/Haujobb as irregular main editor. Also Zerox/Gods supported this diskmag more than any other scener but never wanted to join the staff. The old engine was coded by Zytrox/Gods and updated by Kernel/Faith^Lightforce. The pannels remained seven issues the same great pieces by Bridgeclaw/Darkage^Goods but all other musics and graphics were done by various other artists as it is usual for a diskmag.

After a break of three years, Zito (these days in Darkage, Reason and Layout) convinced Ghandy to revive JP in the year 2001 after he released Showtime #16, another Amiga scene diskmag. Now both are the main editors responsible for everything behind this (meanwhile legendary) diskmag. The new engine - previously used for Devotion - was provided and slightly updated by Mr.Tickle/ex-Darkage. With issue #9 the whole staff left its former group Darkage and joined [S]carab, which became this way the new group label for JP. (If you want to know more history about JP, leech #10 and read Ghandy's article "Still Crazy After All Those Years".)

Before issue #10 has been released, Zito formed the JP Team, that is a group-like staff of writers, graphicians and musicians to support JP with regular stuff. At the moment this JP Team consists of the following people: Doc Mike/Moods (musics & graphics), Malmis/Nature (graphics), Grunge/Smash Band (graphics), Mice/Zenon (musics), AcidRain/mOOdS^tPA (code), Stingray/Scarab (code) and of course Gone, Ghandy and Zito.

Also everybody who wants to participate regulary is invited to work with us. As it is no real group, but just a team, even sceners being members of one-group-only groups can be a part of us. So come on, don't be shy! The JP Team is waiting for you.

What Is Inside? - The Sections In Jurassic Pack?

Welcome Friends (Editorial Part) In this section you will find the first words from the editor and everything else you need to know before you start reading the usual diskmag stuff like the credits, special acknoledgements, an introduction like this to the different sections and the help pages. At least it features your - the readers - feedback on the last JP issue.

JP World News Here you will read everything new in the Amiga scene, provided by DISKMAG.DE! Also special announcements from the JP Team, like our two winning games inside JP#10 and the JP award.

Scene Extreme The scene articles, the heart of every diskmag. Read about rumours, facts, hot topics & scenish memories, but also about other scenes (like the GBA one) and scener's opinions about the current state.

Behind The Curtain (Diskmag Texts) Not only interesting for editors this section includes replies on articles published in previous JP issues and especially diskmag related articles.

Interviews The hall of fame in Jurassic Pack. Here we talk to prominent and less prominent sceners or other persons important for our scene or connected to it in some way.

Forbidden Sector Guess, what? You better check this out on your own...

Party Fever Reports are the most interesting things inside here, but also invitations for coming parties are not that boring. We decided to forget about the results of passed parties, as these are no articles and you can easily get them from the web or from the bulletins.

A Bit Imaginary (Sciene Fiction) Yes, something that might interest especially computer sceners as we are living in a world most people on earth would suspect to be a fantasy or sci-fi one only. Although we got nearly no support we managed to make it a second time.

Empty Minds This might be something out of the usual diskmag texts, but still keeps topics those are scene oriented. This special section's part one has been published by Zito in D.I.S.C. #13 and now it has become time for another new part. Read what Zito personally thinks about the scene, the world and everything...

Apocalyrica (Poetic Texts) Well, for this section you maybe need no real introduction, but please let me also add, that it is not only a section consisting of several poems. Within those poems and texts (that are indead no fillers as some might say or think!) you can find not only romatic stuff as it is usual for such kind of texts but also philosophic ideas and concepts. Throw away all your prejudices and have a look inside this corner that includes texts revealing things behind the border of articles. Let them entertain you, make you think and take you to some other worlds than those you normally see... I hope you will enjoy reading them!

Beholder's View (Reviews) Did not see the latest production because it was too big for downloading? Here we will tell you what we think about it and if it is maybe worth the download time and money. But also special reviews like those of scener's audio CDs are to be found here.

Miscellany Doesn't the words say enough to you? Here you will be able to read everything that did not fit in any of the other sections JP is containing. Also special stuff like comics and so on!

Global Trash Re-introduced from old Jurassic Pack issues, this section - containing messages, the scene contact book and sceners advertising - became a standard one again since last time. Here swappers and other oldskoolers are supported and this will continue as long as you support it!

Final Spurt (End Rubrik) Yes, we do not end with a "normal" article. As every diskmag there are some things to let you know at the end like deadlines and greetings. Also we reflect on the making of the last JP issue besides providing a very special article for you too.

We hope this little overview helped you to understand what JP is and what we do all the time when we do not work in real life! If it isn't so, just contact us!