How To Support Jurassic Pack?
by Zito, once again updated by Ghandy

To support Jurassic Pack and make it a better mag than it is, is very easy. You just have to be creative the way you already are for the Scene. Send in your articles, modules, full screen pictures, tiny graphics and news! But something in detail before you start to be creative.

The Articles Please send articles as plain textfiles and not pre-formatted, if possible without any PC alike special chars. Else we'll remove the chars for you. For Adverts have a look into previous issues of "The Book Of Contacts" inside JP#13 or 14. The articles should be in relation with the Scene, but this is not a must.

The Musics Concerning the music, four channel modules (protracker) and digibooster modules are supported by the engine. Please try to optimize the size so that we can use as many modules as possible for each edition of JP. The longer a tune takes until its end, the better for the readers. The style is up to you. We use nearly everything but please no hardcore techno, gabbah or something like that. It should be enjoyable for the readers to let the music play in the background. You know what I mean... ;-)

The Graphics If you have any graphical material send it if possible in IFF-format but other standard formats are supported too of course (JPG in 100% quality only, please). The titlepictures should be drawn in a resolution of 640x512 using 256 colours and can show whatever you want. Please set color 0 black.

For the cliparts you may use everything from 8 to 128 colours but colour 0 must be black and colour 1, 2, 17, 18, and 19 are not allowed to be used anywhere in the image. Set them to some wild bright colour to make sure. The size for a clipart is 310x188. A fullscreen clipart can be 630x188, but we prefer two column articles.

Backgrounds can be 2 colors only of a 4 colors palette. Color 0 and 3 are forced to be black. Color 1 and 2 can be anything you want. The size for a background image is 640x188.

If you are willing to provide us new panels, please contact the staff for detailed information before you start drawing as the palette has some restrictions and converting afterwards is a hell of work, as we experienced.

The Intro Before investigating any energy into an intro, please contact the staff FIRST! Probably we`ll already have an intro ready at that point, which would be really frustrating for you. Sorry: We won`t accept any AmigaOne/PPC/pegasos intros as only a few sceners do own such a hardware nowadays. Maybe that will change the sooner or later.

Other Stuff For the external gallery send in your scans/party pictures to one of the editors. The news simply drop at and we will include them automatically in the next release if they're not TOO old already!

Then just contact us in order to clear the further details. And always remember that not the name of the artist or his fame counts, the quality of the module, picture or articles is the only aspect we count. Come on newcomers, give it a try! We'll give you a chance for sure!!
Last but not least I'd like to mention that we still search for people willing to become part of the JP Jury. We'll nominate and will award a prize to the winners. Your personal taste counts and not if you're a master coder, hammer tracker or superb graphician.