News At JP Online

05-07-07 Issue 16 and 17 are now online, finally!!

06-06-05 Another quick update, this time from Ghandy.

22-07-04 A quick update during Zito's "need for a time-out"-week at Ghandy's place brings you Version 1.3.5 with the following changes: Jurassic Pack #0 (Pre-Issue) and the Jurassic Pack #4 Trailer have been added. One more online article to be found at JP#12. Jurassic Pack became a mOOdS pLAtEAU only production. All files moved to webspace for faster access! Missing files have been uploaded to Aminet and No mailinglist available anymore and a lot of small stuff changed inside like article fixes, language corrections and some information updates (like the new addy of Ghandy).

03-07-04 After more than one year version 1.3.4 of JP Online is here. This time with the online sample edition of JP#12, consisting of all musics from this issue and some example articles for reading (including the solution for possible problems with JP#12).

13-05-03 Version 1.3.3 is online and with it the gallery fix for JP#12 as there were some problems with the replayer inside and the module was played without bass and loop. This is fixed now!

26-04-03 Version 1.3.2 is online and this time also JP#12 - The Breakpoint Party Issue has been released too. Also a broken link was fixed, thanks to sceners for reporting it.

16-04-03 Version 1.3.1 is online again after three weeks of silence as protest concerning the war AGAINST (not in or on) Iraq. Last version number changed and finally we got a guestbook. And a new start picture by xeNusion/mOOdS^Razor 1911 has been included same as the modules of #11 and the announcetro for JP#12. Rest are minal changes, just to be online again before Breakpoint!

07-02-03 Version 1.3.0 (changed from 1.2.4) is online. Dead links (caused by the site movement) repaired, WinUAE tutorial included, new addies of Gone & Ghandy online (and all new e-mails)! Additionally feedback for #9 and #10 added, small title pictures & articles resized, fixed counterlink problem. At last all old issue (#1-6 plus Bridgeclaws great panels) are available too and new online articles (including new cliparts) for reading available besides the slightly changed overall design to make it please your eyes a bit more.

10-12-02 Version 1.2.3 is online - now moved to - with a special pack for #10, the intro tune of #o9 and some online articles for #11. Additionally the counter problem has been fixed and some minor design changes been made. Please notice at last the e-mail changes of the main editor trio.

20-10-02 Version 1.2.2 is online. JP#11 has been released. Some cosmetic changes, downloads for current issue, Jurassic Pack Mailinglist and Gone's new addy added, nothing more.

11-08-02 Version 1.2.1 is online. Source has been optimized and should work better with Netscape and IE (designed for SuperHiRes Interlace, 800x600) although it always worked perfectly with all Amiga browsers. More articles are readable online and the history has been changed (thanks Sixpack for the comments).

20-07-02 Version 1.1.2 is online. Some fixes have been made and specials like the modules from older issues have been added.

18-06-02 Version 1.1.1 is online. Now it is a real website featuring all current issues downloadable, all title pictures are watchable and some articles from current and older issues can be read online.

09-06-02 Version 0.0.2 Beta is online. An adf for JP#10 and a small help for people with JP #10 problems have been included.

06-06-02 Version 0.0.1 Beta is online. With the release of the jubilee issue #10 the first (but since the beginning planed) website of JP got online. This date still in a beta state just offering the download of the current issue.