Welcome To JP Online
by Zito

After Zito had set up the first beta with the release of JP#10 we're happy to present you today a real full version of "JP Online".

Full version, this means a real website for a diskmag that deserves this terminus. This means that all issues - especially the recent ones - are available. This means also that you can imagine each issue before downloading by watching every original title picture, no low quality crap. (Click on each image to enlarge the originals!) And this means that you can read the editorial and credits from the current issue and selected original articles from the other older issues for your enjoyment. At last we also provide some tiny features as for example downloads of all modules from recent JP issues and similar stuff.

Also there is a bigger "Amiga On PC Tutorial" readable here for those people using WinUAE and still having troubles after reading the little JP#10 help article that is already online. And more ideas will come true. Just be patient!

But if you have suggestions, want to help us or even join the JP Team to help us regulary with every of the coming JP issues and/or the website, do not hesitate to contact us. We are no arrogant elite diskmag! We are newcommer friendly and do not bite. At least not that much...and not always. ;-)

JP is soon going to move to Bitfellas.org in case you do care

Ghandy, 5th July of 2007