Jurassic Pack Feedback
by Various Sceners

Sadly we did not get many personal feedback as it was usual before, therefore this part might be canceled next time... At last we present you here - besides the feedback we got on issue #9 - the two personal e-mails we got for the feedback article of #11.

XenusioN/Plastic: By the way, the new JP became really good. The interface is uglier than last time but the content beats all other mags easily, including Pain!

Influence/Scarab about JP #10: This issue of Jurassic Pack is pretty cool again, congratulations :-) Actually, I ought to write an examination speech, instead I am reading all the time ;-) However, everything nice has its dark sides - I don't like the gallery in parts, especially the second picture caused nightmares ;-D

Pezac/Nature: JP9 is very polished! I like the mag engine!

Maze/mOOdS^Apathy: As always, great issue of JP.. And, I really loved the song on the Gallery-part.. Hehe.. :)) Great..

AcidRain/mOOdS^TPA on JP#9: What can I say. Great to have it on my HD. As always, if I expect many of something - I'm getting less. Actually I didn't read it completely, so I can not discuss it, but... First impression, you know. Title pictures are great and I even remember them =). Music... never meet such cool 'playlist' as in JP#o9! More impressive is gallery, many people whom I know via inet, but even didn't meet in real life - cool ;). Strange feelings left some articles - some I read from A to Z some even not tryed to read. But I will, thats for sure. Mostly rumours are getting me laugh. Else Zito's "I'm Not Writting Fillers" is fun too :-). As an epilogue of my short feedback - KEEP IT ALLIVE!

Adok/Hugi: JP#9 is a nice issue, I'm happy to see that it contains a lot of articles. Some of them (e.g. "rumours") contain good humour and are therefore worth reading even for non-Amiga sceners. Too bad the first tune is so gloomy, it'd have been better to choose a more enthusiastic one as the first one. Anyway, nice mag - continue making it!

Tripper/Reason^Moods^Void: Zito, JPo9 is great! Amazing how you could pull it off in such a short time..and with quality!

Lanch/Trinity: I've been reading your section about playboy Mod3mski in the news and spent last quarter laughing my ass off ;))))

Olaf Koebnik/Amiga Arena: Jp 09 rulez! :-) super mag and it is really fun reading it also the article are very good although the amiga has no real scene anymore respectively these times have passed. by reading it I feel thrown back in the good old times from the beginning of the 90s. I hope you will be able to stay still active for a long time!

d!RT!E/mOOdS: hi editortwins - kewl diskmag. i really like the new views on some sceneaspects. and i think its good to support newcomers aswell. i think acidrain got a lot of motivation while doing the intro for such a BIG sceneproduct as jp9 for example ... maybe he becomes one of the best newcomer coder in very near future because he saw that people are intrested in his work... greetings and hot waiting for jp10, d!RT!E

The Villain (and I will also speak on behalf of The Mortician also whom Bitbug fucked over with his scams):I really enjoyed your article - brought back many fun h/p memories (with the exception of the many times kim ripped me and my friends off hehe) anyhow minor correction the bbs was called "House of Coolness" not House of Pain as you put, but surely the collective memories of sceners from days of old certainly arent that great nowadays :) I'm glad his empire has fallen, he's hurt many people who considered them once his friends. Again great article.

Dran/Contraz: JP9 and JP8? I think they were nice. Lots of interesting articles. Thats my honest opinion :-)

Gone/ex-Scener about JP#9: I hate giving feedback on productions I worked on myself, but I think it rocked...

Mr.Tickle: I just saw JP#9 for the first time (I know... its been out a while.. i am lazy ;), and I have to say I'm very impressed! I've enjoyed all the magazine issues that have used this engine, but for me, JP#09 is the first to show just how great magazines can look with it :) Really good use of clip art etc.! Also, the content is great! A really nice selection of articles! I'm really looking forward to JP#10 now! Hopefully Sting can improve the engine further... I can't wait to see what he does!

dOC mIKE aka Dodge of mOOdS pLATEAU: FINALLY... I received a copy of JP9 from my dear cousin d!rt!e after a short visit in my town [AMOK]-Erfurt [yes our shiny Thuringian capital suffered from the press as hell... but now the spoooky bullshit`s over].
OK... The intro by AcidRain looks quite nice [Stas: pleeeeazze lead me into C2P!!!] and the chippy tune sounds cool. Design... especially the nice green glowing fonts made me smile!
Next target was the gallery... sadly the time for a new navigation paneldesign seemed to be to short [as I saw the pixels some time before in... was it Showtime #16??], but I guess... naaaww I`m SURE in issue #10 this will be fixed ;) Nice flix taken from several parties and private stuff. Maybe a bit to few [only 13 flix or so]. The soundtrack is simply phat'n'groovy. Maze: great bassline and drumsets!! The titlepiccy: WOW!! [outta words] and last not least the engine by the KING OF OPTIMISING [;)] with cute picture fadeouts... LIKE IT.
Then I started the mag. A calming smooth jazzy soundtrack by REED took me out of this shitty real life where only money counts and led me to a stunning titlepicture, yeah. Continuing with really nice cliparts in the index, but sadly no new navigation design again :(
Now that I`ve red about 70% of the articles in the issue I can not give an all overviewing statement about the content of the mag, but what I can say is that the style of writing is the kind that I like, coz it`s open minded, goes frontin` for some times [means that you don`t hide within your SAFE houses, but reacting on kinda rumors or backstabin` words of some guys], metaphoric flavored [especially GONE`s little story about crossing the road to the busy other side... I`ll write a tiny reply on that!!]. Ghandy`s Polk Folk Tale is a brave statement to what`s going on in Polska and they better shall reply, because our beloved AmiScene has been shrunken too much for those ego-ways.
The last article I really adore is Zitos "I Found Life". Gosh... Marc did we [d!rt!e & me] saved you from jumping off the rooftop this day? :o BTW it was only a 68060 with a broken FPU and the fucking MEDIATOR ZIV that still won't work. Very emotional stuff, pal. Now here`s my invitation. We can hold the next MDS-eastside bunch meeting at my place! More space for the machines. No climbing up the stairs and only 138 km from Leipzig!
All in all JP9 was a really fine issue launched only 3 months after JP8. So I forgive the second time used panels and what did you said "Sorry for less articles as the last time"? When the frequency of the "drop outs" of this mag continues, a so hudge amount of articles is quite not neccessary, coz you have the JUST IN TIME STUFF that the reader is interested in. I [in my point o` view] don`t wanna read news and announcements of stuff already heard via "bush-bongo-phone" or productions already seen and parties held 6 months ago. Y`knaaawwImeeeeeaan! So keep up good work Main-&CoEditors and though I`m in the JP-Team too... feel free to put some work on my desk. peace...

Just downloaded Jurassic Pack, and I think it's BRILLIANT!!

Mr.Tickle aka Xeron
of Iris about JP#o8
I was the first man who download your reactivated diskmag, at least I did it so fast that I supposed I was the first, heh... I'm standing between two walls: past and present. For me it's a bit strange to see some mag continuing without knowing it: Jurassic Pack ended by the issue seven, but in this time, I wasn't a scener yet. Now, as the same as with D.I.S.C., I've seen another diskmag going on and rocking. Aren't all those returns a real proof that the Amigascene is growing again?
Do your job, again and again. It doesn't matter what kind of job are you doing for the scene, the most important fact is to motivate others. Thanks for that, Darkage, you still do it well.

Lahve/ex-Reason, ex-Scoopex about the revivial of JP in 2001:
Just wanted to say thanks for a very good (and big) issue of JP! It was actually much better than I had expected... Ok, there were some articles that I had already read elsewhere (Can be some interviews from GFX-Zone only we were allowed to use and thought to include as surely less sceners visit this site and read all the interviews than this diskmag issue, hopefully! - MainEd Twins) but thats okay as long as there's not too many of them... And please don't use the same headline graphics (font + bar) as Devotion next time. Else I really like JP8 and I'm not done with it yet... There's a lot of articles left to read. :) Keep up the good work with JP and ST!

Malmis/Nature responding on JP#o8:
Nice to see that you are still active. It`s funny how the Devotion source goes around and is now used for JP ;-) The issue was okay but I sadly have to express that breaking news of any kind were missing. That`s not the mags fault, it`s the Amigascene itself, it simply doesn`t happen much at all. No superior new groups, neither that any legends die, no scandals etc. There`s nothing to write about. It's boring, isn't it?

getting envious after the JP#o8 release

After the humorous cartoon-style intro was rounded off with an excellent logo, we can double-click the icon for the 'pack' itself... I must say expectations from this mag was high, partly because I knew it was using Mr.Tickle's magengine (previously used for two issues of "Devotion" from Nah-Kolor and Haujobb), and partly because I had been party to the enthusiasm Zito and Ghandy had shown for the project in the weeks and months prior to its release. And the result of their efforts, to be frank, is actually quite good. It seems as if being freed from the reins of making a pure 'news' mag (like Showtime), the two editors have been allowed to let their creativity blossom without the burdens of a definite deadline. There are still a lot of 'news' related material here, with a lot of stuff about the controversy surrounding 3Amigos and the 'TG incident', which dates back to april. Actually, the tone of this mag reminds me very much of ROM (a mag Ghandy does not exactly share my views on.... :), with a lot of topical articles spotlighting recent important productions. And speaking of ROM, even that mag's old editor Mop gets spotlighted here!

The amiga and pc scenes are forever bridging the gap between them, and this mag is another step in that direction. It's been a trend recently in pc scene mags that they are now showing increased respect towards the c64 and amiga scenes (where in the past they had none), and this especially manifests itself in mags like Pain and Hugi on that scene. Ghandy has had articles in both those magazines, and the editors of both (Unlock/Vantage and Adok/Hugi) also write for this mag. This means some 'crossposting' of articles - slightly irritating for those of us who read mags on both platforms :) - but also means articles of a general interest to the scene reach more readers and hopefully cause more awareness of each other. This is, officially, a GOOD THING! :)

Audio-visually speaking, then. Like the "Devotion" engine has always done, it has two title pictures, and you only get to see one each time. So in order to see both, start the mag twice =) This time both are actually great, done as they are by respected oldskool graphicians Noogman/Scoopex and Bridgeclaw/Darkage^Gods. The all-new panels were done by Budgie/100% Prophets^Layout, and though they are mainly texture-based, and made in a lovely shade of sickening green, they are also clean and word reasonably well. Only the 'index' button bothers me slightly, but perhaps that's just me. The backgrounds also work reasonably well for once, which has certainly not been the case with all mags that have attempted this approach... No less than five modules are provided, with some by scene personalities that I actually never had thought I would hear from on the amiga again... like SuperNao and Chris Meland! I don't know if these are real comebacks or just old, unused tunes but either way I welcome the chance to hear these! Of the five, I would have to say Chris Meland's sits the best in my ears.

So, to sum it up then? I must admit I haven't had the time to read this mag 'cover to cover' yet, though I plan to do so later tonight or early tomorrow. First impressions after 45 minutes of browsing the articles, though, are very very good. Interesting articles that I look forward to reading completely through, and an appealing user interface... What more can you ask for? The mag engine is a tried and tested one that works great, looks great and performs great. The 'new' JP is a force to be reckoned with, now and in the future. Please note that I myself had articles published in this mag, and that I as a result perhaps disqualify myself from doing a non-partial review. I just write this, so that noone will misunderstand and say that I had alterior motives for giving the mag a good review. I gave it a good review because I liked it, and for no other reason.

review was taken with permission from Scenery V1.30.

Well, I liked some of JP7. I really liked your articles and some others were great too. My one complaint was that many of the articles were very old and out of date, although I did enjoy reading the old interviews. :) I thought the HUGI special was a fantastic idea, but I didn`t really find many of the articles from Hugi very interesting.. not your fault, its probably because I don`t know the PC scene at all. I still thought it was a good idea, a chance to give Amiga owners a taste of the PC scene. :)

Wade/ex-Scener softly touching our hearts

JP was really great.. I have filled a votesheet with more comments but I must stress its the best issue I have seen so far!! Really liked just about all of it.. the Hugi special was nice too, the articles about the Atari scene were fascinating! But anyway I cant chat as I have a lesson starting in a few mintues.. :(
Darkus/Poise Records & Deviance Demo speaking after the 7th release

Nono, I LOVED IT :) Just a thing I didn't liked too much (I didn't disliked them, but I liked most the other articles) the Hugi section.. too much PC oriented ;))
Mod3mski/Darkage showing real fandom

Just writing to say well done with j7, we had to wait a long time but it`s still a great pack/mag still at the top with all the best. I thought Point`s letter in JP7 was unfair, I don`t think some sceners realise how much time and effert going into a mag. I like to see him do better as he could not even stop his group Mantra from dieing.
Anyway, I hope I will see you in charge of a new diskmag soon be it DISC, JP or the new DKG mag whatever it will be called. I hope you wont lose motivation for writing completely and please send me any new Hugi articles too. :) Maybe you don`t write English perfectly (I can`t write a word of German), but the fact is your (Ghandy`s) articles are interesting to read, which is the most important factor in scene writing. (...) Yeah, it (JP#7) was a nice surprise for the scene. It was a really full mag too which kept me reading for AGES! :)
Carp/Apathy behaving human

Well, I really like your group Gods very much, so i loved the Jurassic pack5, well i hope that mag will come more often because its one of the best mags with my own meanings. Keep on doin da great work m8ey.
Firestarter/Instinct long time ago

Is JP dead - or is it in the middle of it`s live??? Well, i really like this mag and I hope that it`s END doesn`t come so early. Ok, the design is not the newest but the articles are one of the best in scene. That`s MY opinion! So JP-crew - Stay with this mag... Or include your great work in DISC!
Chavez/ex-Faith & KickDaPussy! licking our asses

The diskmag scene really suxx since the demise of RAW. DISC looks to be the only mag to fill its place and I for one await its release with great anticipation. JP5 was as cool as always and there seems a continuing improvement in design, however like most mags of today it does lack the arrogance I miss about most old school diskmags. A great mag none the less.
Wade/ex-Darkage, ex-Nerve Axis being a JP fan since years...

My personal opinion is that JP rulez! I think it's a real shame that you guys killed it, 'coz it had developed a life of it's own! And you killed it! Damn murderers! :)
Psycho/Endzeit, Appendix & Phase`d proofing that he is able to see the future

Some tips from Xeron for getting it working 100% on OS4: * Load the prefs icon into iconedit, change the type from "Project" to "Tool" and save it back * Create 640x256x8 and 640x512x8 modes in Picasso96Mode * Select the above modes in the prefs * Turn on "Images in Fastmem" and turn off "Music" in prefs

Now it works fine!
Xeron/Iris giving the audience hints how to get JP running with an Amiga One under Amiga Os 4.0

Finally I got to read this :) the interviews are cool. More of those. Especially liked the interview with Alien which revealed quite a few facts from the early scene age to me(esp. why do old sceners often have 3-letter handles :D ). Would be cool with some more scene history + interviews with early sceners... The making of articles are also interesting. I got kind of scared of Scicco's streamplayer too, so I'm not looking forward to competing with them next time :)
Loaderror/Ephidrena anotating JP#14 @ pouet.net

After the magnifiscent #13 this is a bit of a letdown content-wise, some articles just felt too irrelevant. But there was nice content in it too. I spent 2 hours reading the stuff, and it was a pleasure. A highlight is the interview section with nice group portraits from Funktion and Up Rough, and I also would like to point everyones interest on the interview with Alien/Antitrax2010. demospotting was very nice too, I noticed how much amiga stuff I missed during the last year. can't say anything about the music 'cause I don't have speakers or headphones right now, but the graphic panels very VERY neat.
Dipswitch/Black Maiden, DCS & Up Rough writing his commentary at pouet.net

Props to you for another great issue for our beloved Amiga. A good glass full of fine malt articles, mucho free-beer. 20 years and there's life in the old Amiga-dog yet!

Giving an interview in the middle of the night was worth each second. ;)

Every once in a while, a mag comes along that's so simple in nature, so kind in it's intentions that it must be an Amiga one. Enough of nonserious anti-PC-amusement but don't touch my drink. #13 AND #14 Oh boy - to us, these were really great. Go dudes read it. Now we're waiting on #15. Okee Dokee!
Cheers. Ultimo Drinko-Don and Freibier-ALiEN on their way back to becks.de
Alien/Antitrax2010 paying regard at pouet.net