mission: fast release
by Browallia/Nukleus

After hanging up the phone with Ghandy, I felt like the superhero in the Pixar movie "the Incredibles". Realizing that train to JP-land was going in 11 minutes (!) I downloaded the EC#48 file and throw laptop and power supply in my bag. I would stay over night by Ghandy's place (in the moment of writing, he doesn`t know that yet ;)) but I don`t have fresh clothes for tomorrow, only a toothbrush.

On the train to Duesseldorf, I started to read Eurochart. Luckily no money was spend for the trainticket, so I smiled through all articles.

Now you are updated :-) and a long night awaits.

<10 hours later>

and the birds are singing and a huge dinosaur is snoring not far from here. I had in mind when I heard about this the truth about the castling inside JP staff. coEd and mainEd are shifting places. After this news, I wanted to show Jurassic Pack my respect, a final act of friendly favour when Ghandy is stepping aside for the fresh northern (Danish-German) wind aka Selecta Novel/GNP^Moods Plateau.

After sunshine comes always rain. So after this suprise of powershift, let`s take the disapointment.

The truth was not shown correctly when the fresh charts (as I suspected) still showed EC on first place. No, I`m not interested for having CnS on the top.

But looking this with my objective eye, the roar of the dinasaur was more loud than a issue of Eurochart never coming out from it's fossil-embryo.

But as we all knew since the evening 29.03.2006, JP was ending up 2nd again.

Browallia signing off,

14.10 in the afternoon without a chance to catch a sleep.