The Wait Is Finally Over
by Zito/Main Editor Twins

Hello and welcome to the 9th issue of Jurassic Pack. Yes, just three months past since issue #8 and the revival of this great diskmag. We kept our promises and are proud to present you another Amiga scene dinosaur.

With not a single day delay the Jurassic Pack staff proofs that a regular diskmag for the Amiga scene is possible today. Something many sceners doubt about. Even loyal friends could not believe us to make it happen so few months after the comeback of this old production that still hasn't become a pack. Without lowering quality and decreasing the number of articles too much, we are back to show the world that the Amiga scene is still ruling in any way. Maybe not every future issue will contain 80 articles as last time, but this keeps the quality high in each one.

But where were the other revivals we were told about. Last summer Grapevine & Oepir Risti should have seen the light of day again. At the end of 2001 also Scenelyrics were told to be back but still nothing happened this direction! So should JP really stay the only regular diskmag these days? I hope it shouldn't!!!

JP#o9 Title Picture #2 by Bridgeclaw/Darkage^Gods And what do we have inside this time? Besides the "normal" scene related articles and the corner for editorial stuff, we have some interviews & reviews and party stuff that will surely interest you. But we have more! For the poets among you we introduce this very issue "Apocalyrica", a new section containing more philosophical texts and poems. Also a new row of articles coming from our partner diskmag Pain wants to be read in "Forbidden Sector". At last we re-introduce "Global Trash" you maybe remember from past JP issues and of course some articles that fit nowhere can be found in the "Miscellany" part.

Sadly not everything went the way we planned. So we have no updated engine as Tickle left and Stingray went ill and was too busy with democoding. The fix of this engine will be available after Mekka though. We will let you know about it!

And we are very sad that we did not manage it to write and collect enough articles to include another new issue of "A Bit Imaginary" and "Empty Minds" you may remember from Showtime #16 and D.I.S.C. #11, but we are looking forward to make both come true again next time.

But now I do not what to keep you from reading JP#9. Have fun and send your feedback and support! If you feel helpless or if you are standing in the wood have a look at "The Urge For Knowledge" to get every information concerning Jurassic Pack you need!