JP#o9 Responsibilities
by The Main Editor Twins

The Intro This tiny thing was done in a hurry only a few days before the release by AcidRain/Team Power Amiga following a screenplay by Zito. The graphics were done by Reload/J.L.R. and the queeel tune composed Tripper/Reason^Moods^Void.

The Gallery This issue's gallery has been coded by Stingray/Scarab using the engine invented for Showtime#16 including the pannels by Cheetah/Ephidrena. The title picture has been manufactured by 3daddict and the music named "Dreams" tracked Maze/Apathy. The photos were collected and commented by Zito who also wrote the short scroller.

The Engine The fantastic mag engine - previously used for Devotion - was coded and updated for JP by Mr.Tickle/Darkage based on the design made by Darkus/Nah-Kolor.

The Graphics The first title picture called "Conan" was done by Bridgeclaw/Darkage^Gods and the second one named "Candle 1" pixeled Asarhad/Reason^Corrosion on request. The panels - originally done by Budgie/100% Prophets^Layout, converted and re-arranged by Zito and Noogman/Scoopex - remain the same for this issue. (Just fixed a bit!) Again every of the "normal" (but seven colors only!) cliparts have been done by Malmis/Nature, except one which has been pixeled by Zito. Therefor Malmis draw all the great section cliparts you can see in the index. Every background has been pixeled by Zito execpt the green dinosaur from the music menu (part of the pannels by Budgie) and the lila one (by Raven). Adam/DCS' fonts are still used so far because we were not able to update them without delaying this issue.

The Music This time we have again five great tracks in various styles supplied by Reed/Damage, Factor6/Reason, Doc Mike/Moods, Mice/Zenon & LCR/Reason.

The Editing After Zito was mainly the graphic administrator/converter editing only a few articles besides and Ghandy was responsible for nearly 100% of the editing job in the last issue, this time Zito edited everything, collected, spellchecked, kept the contact to the supporters and took control about the graphical side too again as Ghandy went through some privat problems and was also working his ass off for his new website - the (in)official descendent of But of course it is and stays a Main Editor Twins production though! Again Gone/Scarab^Void killed us with support in kind of various articles and did his job as co-editor more than brilliant this way!

The Guest Writers Credits have to go to the following sceners supporting us (more or less voluntary) with additional articles: AcidRain/Team Power Amiga, Aggressor/TPA, Amig@lien, Angeldust/Apathy^RNO, Bobic/Back2Roots, Crown/Cryptoburners, Fishwave/Scoopex, Homecat/BlackMonks, Knipho, Mr.Ed, Mr.Tickle/Darkage, Myke/Lucis Magia^Wipe, Rawstyle/Farbrausch, Reload/J.L.R., Tripper/Reason^Moods^Void, Turtle/Danish Gold. In the "Forbidden Sector" you will find articles written by: Acumen, Enzymer/Pain Staff, Grendel/Byterapers, Myrdin/Headcrash, Optimus/Dirty Minds, Unlock/Vantage. This time Magic/Nah-Kolor was not allowed to publish something. But he hadn't asked for it. Luckily...