The Scene Makes It Possible
by Gone/Scarab^Void

I remember the time when I was a young kid. We played indian and cowboy on the street, we played soccer on the street until it got dark and we had to stop. Every day after school, me and my friends found out more about life in one hour than I do now in one year. Hell, there were even no home computers existing. We had only ourselves and the town we were living in. All of us were members of the same soccer club and came to each other's birthdays to eat cake and play some silly games. That time I learned how life should be and could be: Wonderful, no worries in your mind and nothing to take care of. When I got older, it seemed the other way around. I had to study to get a good job, had to pay for everything I want to have. All the worries and problems I have are there because I grew old and could not depend on my childhood anymore. No more indian and cowboy games, no more street soccer, no more playful summer nights.

So what do you do when all those things have passed away and your spirit refuses to behave like an adult. You are looking for something where you can be just like you want to be. Some place you can act like a child or act like a wise man. You can change your mood every day you want, you can put all your worries away when you enter this world.

And yes, it is the scene I am talking about.

Clipart From JP#o9 By Malmis/Nature Isn't the scene the last place where you can be anything you want. No boundary's, no people telling you that you behave like a child. Everyone accepts the scener as he is and if there are some sceners that behave too childish, the scene will tell him or her. In the scene you can still experience the days of the past when you were young and had no troubles in your mind. You can relive those old long summer nights by sitting behind your computer all night long until you fall asleep behind the screen. No one in the scene telling you what to do or to pay the bills. The feeling you get from participating in the scene is more than producing quality releases only, it goes beyond that. It's like a big family and having a picnic in the sun every day. We all are one and we should feel like that. Just like the time when you played with your friends out on the streets and did things you actually weren't allowed to do.

The feeling of victory is what you can get when you're a member of the scene. We are better than any other person just because we bond. So many various countries, so many different people, so many different languages and it doesn't matter a single bit. We are united, just like the rest of the world should be. And that is what makes the scene this special place you go to when you need a rest and you want to get out of your daily habits and become that child again you once were. The scene makes it possible.