Sharpen Tongues
by Main Editor Twins

After the release of EC#44 Darkus/IRIS - who was never reachable for us before - was able to write us an e-mail asking "What our tongues are?" concerning his "review" of Jurassic Pack #8. And here we give you the answer: "Sharpen, they are!"

Darkus has always changed his groups like others change their underwear, we really hope with Iris he has found his "final" location. Sadly this has been the same when it comes to his email addies. It was never easy to reach him as he often changes his adresses without informing anybody and also he's quite lazy when it comes to reply mails.

Darkus, you ask us and the public, why we didn't credit you? That's quite simple: That happened because we didn't have the slightest idea about that matter. But do you think it's fair not to inform us about that? We've been chatting in "The Yard BBS" about a planned review of yours just a few weeks after JP#8 came out. You didn't tell Ghandy a single word about your annoyance, you've only informed him about a soon coming review concerning our mag. It was surely more clever to share your anger with the rest of the scene instead of writing a single e-mail to our stable adresses or telling it to Ghandy while the multichat.

Yes, we are sorry for not crediting you for Devotion's design. Zito knows perfectly how much work this is as he has designed two diskmag engines which does not need creativity and many ideas only, but also a lot of time. Of course nothing compared to what a coder needs for it afterwards. You were not ignored, why should we do so?

Clipart From JP#o9 by Malmis/Nature BUT OTHERWISE: Hadn't you written the article if we had changed the fontcolors? We guess you had though! And how would you layout articles else than in one or two columns? And what do you mean with "and even some of the articles themselves" have been remained the same? We did of course not keep any old articles out of Devotion, that's bollocks! Hope you are not calling us rippers as we have not recycled Devotion articles. We even do not know what you are talking about. But though you could have contacted us before writing about such topics, especially because Zito has send you lots of e-mails you never dared to reply!

Afterall your "review" really was not objective. It's the pure envy that shimmers through the surface. You saw your former diskmag engine in foreign hands, which was especially coded for you. Then Wade considered you not beeing devoted and took over the leadingship over your baby after he had kicked you and Mr.Magicial Moments of Nah-Kolor. Months later again your very own engine crossed your lines and probably you enjoyed what you've seen there. This all could have been yours but, hell knows why, it wasn't yours anymore. Mr. Tickle had decided to give his engine away after he heard that we were going to focus our energy on JP instead of Showtime. Your article is nothing else than a weak try of a revenge and we can't see our failure.

It's okay if you dislike some of Gone's articles and those of the "newcomers". But you should consider that all your statements were naturally totally subjective even if you tried to let them sound objective. And it is not only Zito's idea to give newcomers the chance to publish their first steps. Giving new folks a chance is something like a tradition in Jurassic Pack from the first issue until today and we won't change that for god's sake only because Mr.Envious doesn't like this behavior.

As everything that deals with art, his articles are a matter of taste. If you dislike the works of anybody who has contributed, it's really quite easy to skip them. A mag only filled by pseudo journalistic researches could easily become boring, a bit stuff from newbies here and there is a good addition, especially because Gone's article are always something special.

We both remember how hard and demotivating it was to deliver articles to previous issues of Rom, Generation or Seenpoint because those main editors simply skip us because we were unknown. To help and support people who are interested in writing, that's why I like to do, not to block them up.

Fasten your seatbelts! Next time you have a problem, Darkus and anybody else, you better send out a private email and ask what's going on instead of directly flaming around. "My message is out and I intend to close the issue at that." Oh well, to close this file without a comment would have been far too easy. The sharpen tongues are off again, seeking for topics making more sense than this kindergarten behavior.