Yet Another "The Scene Isn't Dead"?
by Knipho

Some weeks ago the following happened: I just attended a course on coding in C++ with the BorlandBuilder. The lamer of teacher could not tell anything new, so I went on the internet and got HUGI#19 to read it again. There I read a column of Wade/Scoopex where he talked about the mistakes of AMIGA. At the end of that column there was a comment by Ghandy/Scarab and that comment brought all the "old" feelings up again and - in a more symbolic way - old tears into my eyes again.

Everytime I read such things, I just forbid myself to think or argue about it. Normally I just don't try to find arguments for the AMIGA because I'm not sure by myself, if it has some future and if there is some kind of perspective.

With every minute working on my Intel/Win32 my nerves are busted more and more and I wish back my good ol' Workbench! At work, I have to code in VB and C++ under WindowsNT and I nearly can't see that anymore. I just want that easy UserInterface back and that easy handling of the workbench.

The whole thing was somehow kind and convenient. You felt at home - kind of :) My A1200 waits in the edge of my room and he feels, its boring, I know. ;) Because I only own a standard device, I cannot do anything with it in the same quality as with my PC. It's my point of view - I know, that there are a lot of people that talk in another way.

Clipart From JP#o8 My last contact with the scene, if one can name it that way, was at the last Fair in Cologne. And I only went there, because it was not that far away from my home. If I would live in another town more far away, I would have decided differently, I am sure! And so the only station I delt with was Eternity, because there I felt something like a spirit. The possiblity to use the WinUAE on an Intel/Win32-machine was fascinating for me. All the people, that own a PC could use it to emulate their beloved machine and work with it like in old days.

We even thougt about making plans for a devicedriver that could send and recieve data from/to external SCSI-Devices via TCP/IP so that ppl with that kind of hardware could use it in the emulation and it had the potential to become a kind of cluster-driver. Fascinating! :)

But I have to stand here - and I feel fucking bad by that - that I did not have any contact after the fair until now to Martin of Eternity. The cause is, that my whole meaning to the situation did not fit to that idea. I don't know, if you people understand my position?

My whole surrounding is dominated by the PC, the job as software-engineerer, at home to enter the internet and to discover other interesting OS-concepts and to communicate with people associated to that.

So I ask you people, if you know any way out of that misery? I for myself do not.

I got an invitation to the last CologneConference by Evrim. I just wanted to get there because I thougt it could become very interesting and it would bring a lot of fun. A buddy and me made plans to enter the party after the fair but the fair itself was so disappointing, that we decided against that party. So I went back home that evening with a lot of bad feelings inside of me and with the question if I am doing the right thing. Later in the evening, I thougt, it would have been better to join the party!

And so it went along with all the AMIGA-related things in my last active days. I just lost the contact more and more. Sometimes, due to the readings in HUGI, I remember all the things and it makes me worry about it and very sad!

If there was the possibility to make local parties or simply to meet together in a little pub or restaureant to talk about such things and technical matter, I would be part of it, I WANT to be part of it, I tell you.

People should just make plans together and should have fun together. That directly would have the character of a hobby, of fun on technics! All that things were commercialized along the going-away of many sceners and the individualists left beside the track.

I think, that the scene in its core-meaning could come together in every case!

But this should be more strongly supported by all media, like internet or magazins and so on. The people just have to meet personally together again. Perhaps via the scenets-site, there could be a kind of board, that is specialized for people to talk about meeting together and so on.

So I ask you again people, do I see the whole thing in a wrong way? Am I crazy? Are there other Amigians, who see the situation in a similar way? Don't you simply want to be a part of a community, where people talk about THEIR machines or code and have fun with it?

I do not think, that the scene is dead - it's alive. I want to be part of it - you too?