Poles And Their Folk Tale
by Ghandy/Main Ed Twins

Once there was a tribe in the middle of Europe and from there came some of the most talented and popular scene people ever. Hyperactive swappers like Mr. King or Trasher, topcoders like Chaos, Mr. Pet, Azure, Zulu & Grey or Tron. Fantastic graphicians like Fiver, Cyclone, Cougar or Peachy, just to mention a few. This country also provided gifted musicians like Chris Hülsbeck, Laxical, Chromag, Virgill, Mel'o Dee, Jester and many, many others. But here also people able to write stunning articles were born like Rokdazone or Fishwave. Not to forget skilled organizers keeping everything on track like Damion, Exciter etc. or partyorganizers of fantastic scene events like Rawstyle, Gandalf & Steeler. This article would become endless just in order to make this list complete. I'm sure you already know which tiny country I'm talking about. Yes, it's Germany! And now I ask you only one single question: Did any of those people ever waste a single thought of seperating the scene of their country from the rest of the scene? No, I'm sure, they did NOT!

Can polish sceners look back at a scene history that goes back to the earliest times where it all began? Did they even play an important role five years later? And again the answer must be NO! So why do they now think it's good and correct to seperate their activities from the rest of the demoscene? Do we really need bigmouths like Azzaro thinking they are the forming the peak of the scene?

Astro and Facet once wrote that their view of the scene is compareable with a pyramid. On top there are a few people making the show, only a few able to do this as they have the skills. The rest of the pyramid is build by the mass of spectators, by people standing around busy admiring what's going on on the top. Of course this view was kinda arrogant and not true. And now, four years later it's as wrong as it can be. The scene is small, the distance between the tops and the flops isn't big anymore. The wonderkids are missing their fans as there are not many left to admire them. And also, many former fans have improved their work aswell.

An Attempt Of An Analysis So what do we have here, why do they act in the way they do? One fact is that the poles are a community of people living in one of the poorest countries of Europe. Is that the reason why pride has such a high importance for them? Is the nationality playing there such a big role because they're proud about what they've shown the members of the richer countries? Is that a sort of revenge? But a revenge for what?

How can it be that a man like Azzaro, who has written less english articles than I have fingers on one hand, can reach the third rank in the editors charts? Why do polish people only vote for members of their country? Why does the polish scene produce mag after mag in their motherlanguage giving the rest of the interested readers not the slightest chance to understand anything of its contents? Is it because they don't care, is it because they don't WANT us to understand or is it because they are not ABLE to do it??

Yes, also for me it was hard work to get the knowledge, to become able to write interviews and articles in the style and quality I do today. Looking back it was a time of pressure, depressions and hard feelings. Others, like Fishwave, had a bright vocabulary on stock, they had the chance to play around with their language, to use it like a tool. I myself had to use my dictionary again and again instead, there was no chance to express myself as I wanted it. Or at least not in the short period of time and with the few energy that Fishy "wasted" for things like that. In fact it would have been far more easy to create all my articles with the words that my parents spoke. But I didn't do that, writing german articles except for commercial purposes always seemed senseless for me. If I would do so, I would totally exclude anybody from outside of Germany. But why? There was no reason to do so when Germany did play an important role and it's in the same way senseless today!

But what if that doesn't happen by accident? What if all those poles do not WANT to be understood? If any of the international writers could understand what's going on in Taboo or Excess, they would naturally think about reviewing it. But it can't be reviewed as it can't be understood, is your language a sort of protection against critics from outside? Is it a kind of protection against competition? Don't you want to give us the chance to see of what quality your mags are? If yes, this would be kinda worse and childrich!

Clipart From JP#o9 By Malmis/Nature From my experience as a swapper I know that people from Poland have big troubles using foreign languages. Many of them tried their best but were not able to send me decent letters. So instead of improving with the time because they gathered some experience, I often received one-liners like "Hi, nice stuff, bye!" And it's a matter of fact that the polish language is really very, very different compared to any of ours in the western part of Europe. I'm sure it ain't easy to learn or use it and it's obvious that it's a hard task for them to use one of our languages. But if you don't try, you'll never know it!

So what!? At the end I can only ask you to use your brains! The scene is already without your exaggerated pride small enough, much too small if you ask me. Please try to forget from where you're coming, at least if you're doing something for an international community. I also don't care too much where I was born.

We should all stick together and not work for a seperation of sceners from different places, the community is not big enough for crap like that! Don't we have a common hobby, a common love that we all share? But if you don't care what's going on on the other side, outside of your frontiers, then please don't be surprised if everything goes to hell quite soon. We can't laugh about the PC scene that is splitted up in thousand sections and work for a partition of the community of our own computer platform at the same time. I have the highest respect for what the "eastern folks" have performed during the years but on the other side, that all can't excuse their general behavior!

It's five minutes after twelve 'o clock, but still there is a good chance to save the future of our hobby. But only if, yes if you use your braincells a bit. And naturally only if you give a fuck and sometimes I have the impression that you guys really don't care about the rest.

We'll see...

P.S.: Don't forget to write your flames, comments or attacks also in english so I can understand you.

P.S.S.: Did you know that originally Fishwave also came from Poland? Yes, that's the truth, he has emigrated from there many years ago but still is able to understand his motherlanguange. So you should reconsider if you really want to post your flames in your language against me. hehe