JP Gossip Factory
by Zito/Main Editor Twins

The rumours, news and secrets included in this article are higly explosive. Read it on your own risk and do not blame us - the JP staff - for it as we were only told about this and are not able to check if anything could be wrong or untrue.

The Party 11 - A Success Because The Party in 2oo1 was a big success for every computer platform involved, the organizers will continue with their stragedy of party making for the next generations of sceners under the slogan "The Party NG". "LAN-Gaming is the future for creative minds and scene spirit! We should forget about those moaning oldskool sceners and support newcomers in quake programming instead. Amiga excluded!" as the TP Staff stated for JP.

Woober Returns The once famous writer for diskmags like Jurassic Pack claimed that real life sucks and that he wants to return to the scene. Inspired by the revival of JP he choosed a more glorious way by becoming co-editor of "Devotion II - The Ugly Return" together with Magic, after Nah-Kolor failed also by convinving Scoopex for a co-op to get use of the Seenpoint engine.

Melomaniac In Love After the latest production by Industry "her numbness", Melomaniac officially had his coming out and turned out to be gay. He directly asked Cyborg if he would like to marry him. Cyborg - still denying that he is gay too - left the scene and moved to San Francisco/USA.

Kalms Will Leave TBL Because Magic did not stop sending money to Kalmski to get him joining Nah-Kolor for a glorious revival of this old and dead Amiga group, Kalmski agreed lately to leave The Black Lotus for Nah-Kolor because his bank asked him to stop such regular and huge traffic. As JP investigated they will produce the best demo ever seen on Amiga for MekkaSymposium 2k2 together with germany's elitegroup Vortex. We will see...

Divine Stylers Gave Up Dino - master and leader of the famous ascii-crew with the shortening "dS!" - left the scene because he finally recognized that his style simply sucks, even compared to the lamest collies released theses days. Now the rest of DS! decided to close the group and never release any single ascii-colly in memory of this smart guy.

Modem Left The Scene And Re-Joined And Left...Modemski, the wellknown italian coder and lover, left the scene because he felt in love with a american girl he met on a finish birthday party for a german rockstar in Poland. He followed her to China, where he settle down for a month but felt in love with an older russian lady, who was married with a british agent, who had to travel to greek for a new mission. And Modem followed. Now, he is back in Italy and re-joined the scene with full power working on NeoXXX, but it is just a question of time until he will meet a girl and vanish again...

Hei-di In 2nd Spring Hei-di, the jellybean queen herself escaped from the USA - because she felt in love with her IRC mate Nic0 - and married him in Italy where both spend their honeymoon now. "We are more than happy" Hei-Di stated "We are playing all day long. Nic0 brought his biiig joystick and I got a new floppy device! Life couldn't be more fun." Meanwhile Hei-di's husband Cygnus - happy again now - reopened with more than 60GB of Amiga scene stuff online.

Dire Revived RAW Now it is known why Zerox/Gods could not get Lord Helmet/Spaceballs to write for D.I.S.C.#12. Being bored of his job as main editor for the german paper magazine "AmigaPlus", Dire (ex-Darkage member) quitted this one and revived Raw together with Lord Helmet. "This diskmag is a fulltime job, so I had to decide between fame in scene or money in real life." Dire explained the JP staff. "But after a long phone call with Lord Helmet I know what to do. And the scene will see the results in this spring!" Good luck Dire, hopefully you will not end like Mat/Ozone...

AmigaOS Coded by AI Because Amiga Inc. does nothing then laughing about us stupid user still believing their lies, the famous IRC-Bot from #amigascne "Jungl|st" decided to do something else than giving op status and started to code the new AmigaOS named "AmiME XP 2000 Pro NT". I guess all of us are impatiently waiting for him to release it.

Dascon/IRIS Wanted The still-not-as-know-as-he-deserves german musician Dascon has been said to be Top-Terror... ehrm, Top-Musician #1 by the FBJ (Flying Beers Junkies) because of his huge musical support for every Amiga demoscene diskmag. He was forbidden to touch protracker again a single time. Also the british empire agreed to send 1 soldier to take care of Bernd - as his helpers and undergound gangster use to call him - and hunt him down!

Chris Huelsbeck features Mark Mancina After delivering a thousand of outstanding good soundtracks for computer games like "Extreme Aussault 1 and 2" or "Extreme Danger I, II and III", the famous Amiga composer Chris Hülsbeck has been asked to join the American Moviescore Association (founded by the german composer Hans Zimmer - oscar for "Gladiator") and directly feature Mark Manica ("Speed") in composing the score for the new action Movie "The 4th Extreme Speed Gladiator". "The reason for hiring Chris is that our company does less composing than programming keyboards and synthesizers, thereby these computers can compose moviescores on request. Chris is one of the best for such a job these days" Hans Zimmer told Jurassic Pack.

Flesh For Male Sceners Yes, it is time to stay for what we are: Men! Most sceners have this magic wand they have no use for, but now the wait is over. We will be able to use it now as the german porn queen Dolly Buster stated "Being Directory after being actor does not satisfy me anymore. I want to go further and I discover the underground computer scene..." The - still horny - JP staff met her (and some other interesting ladies) after a dirty cum shot in Hamburg to ask about the reason behind this idea. "Well, this scene is undiscovered country for my industry. I guess there are a lot of willing stallions who would like to learnt to know me and my girls. But it is also the other way round. I am really interested how those never used nerds can f**k!" We are curious...

Chaos/Sanity Is Back! Another great scener and devlish coder who hacked the Amiga hardware to its maximum had become victim of Magic/Nah-Kolor. The JP staff was told about Chaos re-joining the Amiga scene and directly asked him - we spent our holidays on Hawai where we met him at his beach house - but were told "Nah, it is a secret! The fantastic and friendly scener Magic, who never made a demo based on his own handle, did not allow me to talk about..." We remember the arrogant and selfish Chaos who never did what somebody else told him, who now has been bought alas by our biggest enemy.

Zinko excluded The famous, everywhere loved & praised and higly elite scener from Polka Brothers has been thrown out from the HESA (Highest Elite Scene Artists), because he was simply too elite for the scene's elite. What a pitty...