Demospotting Part Two!
by The Main Editor Twins

Invented by Ghandy for the last issue of Jurassic Pack, here comes another Demospotting collected by Ghandy featuring short reviews of every scene production released during the last three months. If you miss your intro, demo or diskmag, you propably did not upload it to the scene bbs "Uphold The Law". So you should do this next time!

Sobol and Appendix presents: INSTANT chippack, issue#1 (15.01.2002)

Ghandy: A new chippack on the way - wow, I thought! But Instant is not only a chippack, it contains adverts, messages and partyinvitations also. And you do not have to miss the intros, like in case of normal packs, as they are also on board! What seemed strange to me was that they have used such old chiptunes, like those from Clawz of Bomb, which should be around four or five years old. Another titlepicture would have made a more professional impression as this one was probably traced in a few minutes and looks quite ugly. In comparism the menu graphics are fantastic, Djordan has done a good job here. The messages one can read are pretty old. Zerox is writing to Wade that he looks forward to check Devotion#2. Well, the second issue of this mag is, as you all know, out since ages. But I`m sure for the next issue they will have fresher stuff on board, please also more topical intros or results! The partyresults of the Mekka^Symp 2001 were worth a good laugh as the next edition is to come in a few weeks. But if they take care a bit more about the contents, Instant could become a real hammer as it provides a clear multitasking code and stunning graphics!

Zito: Well, I was a bit disappointed by this pack. The graphics are nice and professional, but the music is half not the newest and half not very interesting. About the news I will not talk as there were none in this pack. Also the code is not the good I guess. I heard of the pack-engine by Juen before and was looking to get a great and easy to use tool for packmakers who have no knowledge of coding, but this script based engine is not only a bit slow, it still has some bugs concerning the pointer and the graphics. If they improve this and get fresher news, this pack could become a real competitor to the other packs which already rule since years!

Push Entertainment presents: 64k intro, Dolphin's Dream, pre final

Ghandy: My dolphin wasn`t dreaming as this intro demands the trueaga.library. I don`t like intros that are only running with additional stuff, intros were originally supposed to run without anything else than the intro itself. If an intro can only be run with the help of libraries or fonts from outside, the byte limitation, here 64k, has totally lost its sense. Don`t you think so? As the person who has packed this intro together, forgot to include this library, there was no chance for me to watch it. Dream over!

Zito: Same from me. Real scene stuff - especially intros - do not need external libs or similar. And if they need them, those externals should be included of course. A pitty? Maybe, but as it is a pre final release (does this make sense for an intro?) we can hope for the final version to come.

HUMA, Hullabaloo machinery gives you: Underworld Musicdisk (HD Fixed)

Ghandy: Nothing against the good work D!rtie and the rest of the HUMA guys are usually doing but this is anything else than a must for a demoscener. The design is ugly like hell, the code was again realised in Amos and the music is a matter of taste. If you want to check out the tracks of this musicgroup, better download them seperately from their website instead of leeching this musicdisk, that`s all I can say about this production.

Zito: Well, I want to state that I am no member of Hullabaloo Machinery, but I like this production! Of course the design is minimal, but you should think that this is just a fix from a production very very old!

RNO & DCS presents in coop: Lobotomia 2OO2 invitation intro

Ghandy: A nice designed invitation intro for a party in Finland this is! Not much to say, the typical DCS-design, but surely worth a try. Nice that still some people take care of organising scene meetings!

Zito: Remember that it was a nice designed intro with some disturbing music.

Liquid Skies Records presents: Liquidation #02

Ghandy: To create a chippack with the outlook of a normal OS tool is not the worst idea but I really miss the typical scenefeeling while executing it. The tunes are not of my taste, but it should be known that I have a strange taste when it comes things like that. If you have missed the first edition of this pack, have a try. If a chippack with a titlepic/endpic and a painted menu hits your needs, also have a try but be warned: This is quite different to what normally crosses your path!

Zito: Although I am no member of Liquid Skies Records I will not write something about this here as you can read my detailed review in Showtime #17 soon. Also I participated with a tune... ;)

MAWI: mu51k - Substance's electronic music diary (14.11.2001)

Ghandy: This time we have a real musicdisk in front of us and it`s really surprising why Substance never got the chance to make any as he is part of the Amiga demoscene since a long, long time. Can`t say many negative points about this, the intro is okay but a bit boring, the tunes are done in many different styles, but always the typical Substance sound shimmers through and Yon`s graphics fit perfectly to the rest. (or is it the other way round?) Not to forget that Kierownik, Azzaro & Co. have included some real nice ideas here, like for examle the TV showing some short movies! I had some problems using my graphics card but after a clean boot p96 was disabled, it ran without any bugs. Go and buy this, it`s not a killer like ExtravaGanja but your HD should not miss it!!

Zito: I liked the graphics and I was happy to see another music disk on the Amiga but unfortunately the style of the music is not my kind of taste, not a single tune!

MAWI: Overview #7 - #10 - party slideshow pack

Ghandy: Sadly all these partyslideshows refuse to work on my machine, they fuck up with WB & P96 driver in the background and also without startup-sequence. It is surely a good idea to release pictures of meetings and parties in a frequent way but as these executables don`t want to work, I cannot judge it. I also have not checked the PPC demos MAWI brought out in the meantime, can`t see any sense to investigate around 500 Euro into a drop dead technology. It was a good decision to pay a lot money for the 68060 as everything went faster, but as the power pc cards are only supported by a few commercial programs, and despite the fact that I don`t see any future from Bill and the other official Amiga clowns, I won`t buy it!

Zito: Sorry, but I am not so interested in this kind of production. I did not leech it.

Resistance: "Kuck i rompa" intro

Ghandy: So this is the only Amiga contribution for the democompo of THE PARTY in 2001! This alone shows how worse it is nowadys when it comes to TP. You could guess it was better concerning the PC demos but you are wrong doing so. Only Haujobb`s Windows demo was worth leeching, the rest was really shitty. "Kuck I Rompa" is a very short intro displaying one nice picture by a graphician I have never heard of before, but Resistance is normally busy with cracking duties and not with demos. But don`t worry, this is not, as Modem thought, a sign for the sunset of our hobby. All bigger groups will wait until Mekka&Symposium to release their stuff, that`s for sure!!!

Zito: I really liked this oldskool intro. A nice vertical scroller and a great piece of pixel art. Music is also nice and it really deserved the first place in the entire Amiga compo as they dared to visit this lamer party.

G.F.A. - Soul #o1 (Packmag/Newsmag)

Ghandy: What is this? A simple picture displayed, a boring technotune driven by a player in the background and then an Amigaguide file? Btw: Where are the news you are promising in your file description, I can only see memberlists and adverts. Try to gather some more recent news and especially something with a coded menu next time, thanks!

Religion: "A little demo in 2002" (only a fast 68k production)

Ghandy: Not much to mention, just a few oldskoolers that celebrate the past of the boardscene. There`s no stunning code to admire, Neurodancer`s tune is quite okay and the graphics are less than mediocre. Please make your productions much slower in the future - I prefer to see NO release for many months to come, instead of a fast dentro like this one. Also funny that the code detaches an 68040 even if an 68060 is running... ;-)

Zito: Nice tiny thing! A pitty to huge for not much happening inside, but nice music and design makes it worth to have a look at. Happy Birthday, Religion!

PH-ENT: Real Paradize 64k intro (08.11.2001)
Ghandy: The serious codework is said to be done by Alex and Tony but I suggest that we here have another intro from the 3 Amigos, especially because they send fuckings to the TG orgs during their show! I suggest that this time nothing was ripped, nobody does the same fault twice, so it`s a nice one.

Zito: I especially liked the music of this one. The effects are simply recycled but nice to watch. Take a trip...

Spaceballs: Fogroom 4k - from Kindergarden party

Ghandy: Normally I don`t like 4k intros but what Slummy does provide here is quite stunning! In the infotext they recommend the usage of a 060 with 50mhz at minimum and they are right to do so. Also cool that they make a bit advertisment for Scenery, seems this great site has finally found its acceptance inside the scene!

Zito: Seems I missed to leech this. Arg!

Odbyt Design: Wino Premium

Ghandy: The creators of this intro must have been boozing or smoking weed like hell while they were working on it, else I cannot explain myself how somebody is able to produce such LOUSY stuff! Keep your hands off, this is one of the worst productions ever.

Zito: Ugly, just ugly! The music, the graphics, the effects... UGLY. Nothing more to add, sorry!

HUMA, the Hullabaloo machinery, presents: Introducing moods - music for your instincts. (28.08.2001)

Ghandy: D!rtie, the leader of Moods, has put together a fast intro. It consists Amos code - oh, thought nobody is using Amos anymore but it seems I`m again wrong here. The music is typical for Moods, the presented pictures are funny, especially those of the policemen. All in all the show should not taken too seriously, it`s obvious this was ment for fun.

Zito: Well, as I am founder of moods I will not say anything about it although I like it. =)