Amiga, Our Love Part Two
by Zito/Main Editor Twins

And again I tried to ask a lot of scener why they are still (or once were) in love with a machine so small and grey called Amiga. I always wondered why a man/woman can be so addicted to a dead thing made of plastic. I never found this answer, the answer for me - because I feel the same addiction. So I thought maybe somebody else could know it...

But sadly there was no absolute answer. For me it is not enough what the sceners replied. I will hunt for and read more statements to find the absolute truth sometime, maybe... But read for yourself what other sceners think about our beloved computer in the uncut answers.

Although my Amiga is being abandoned for quite some time now, I still love it more than any other computer. I got my first Amiga 500 in 1987 for christmas, the most valuable gift I ever got from my parents as it was worth more than the load of money it costed. Me and my friends played around with it all day and night and we adored this wonderful and handsome (!) machine. It was better than a girl-friend, it was an Amiga! And still people from my scene-start in 1989 are active, at least they show up from time to time on the irc-channel #amigascne. Why? Because you just have to love the Amiga, the people using it, the productions made for it (or should I say "her").


Used to play on my Amiga at first, but then some day I got a demo (Enigma) in my hands from a friend or something. A year or two later on I did go my first demo party which was TG93 and relized that this demo stuff was the thing I had been looking for. Been doing Amiga stuff up to year 2000.. then faded more and more over to the 'other' platform.. Can't say that I have the same passion for the 'A' computer as I had back then, but I still have had great times with it. Maybe I'll come back as well since my friends Zerox, Ghandy, Lord Helmet and Darkhawk is back with D.I.S.C... Or even JP / FC!??? hehe..


Why did I? Because I loved the hardware, the games, and the atmosphere (I grow up with all my friends in my classroom with at least an A500, so it was pure fun coding funny games with the teachers as characters and then spread around) :))

Then, I loved the demoscene and the incredible demos out there, at those times... the last good year for the Amiga scene was 1999. :/


Why do I love the Amiga, Well I remember me having an old MSX.2, I was about 16 years and still living home. All of a sudden my neighbours got an Amiga 500 and they told me I had to come to take a look, so that evening I went over there and took a look. I saw some games and the quality was awesome for that time, But since I had a MSX, I told them I rather have that as having an Amiga. But as time passed by somehow the neighbours Amiga stole my heart and I ended up spending more time at their home as at my parents.

The Amiga beated the MSX in many ways, but the most important way was, that the Amiga can get inside of you and make you feel happy.

After some money saving I finally got the amount together to buy my own Amiga, and boy I was proud of it I ordered it and within 2 weeks they would deliver it at the door. So like a nervous person I walk thru the house, from the front to the back, and didn't miss a single car that passed our house. That two weeks were perhaps the longest weeks in my life ever.

Finally the day came, that a car stopped, a small van with a woman in it. And, oooh my god, there she was, my dear Amiga. Love came and stopped right at my door. After some cardboard ripping, I saw her, she looked even prettier as the Amiga from the neighbours. This day turned my life upside down. After some months of playing games I got in contact with the scene because I copied some disks from a friend who had some oldskool demos. And when I saw those demos I realised that the Amiga and the scene would stay in live and my heart forever.


The thing that sums up the Amiga for me, as well as the other UK members of NVX (I hope!) is the spirit of friendship. We all met through the Amiga and most of us are still in contact with each other. Not as much as when we were all active on the Amiga, but we still meet up from time to time.

(Dean aka Crash/NVX)

There are many answers to your question. The most obvious which come on my mind at once are protracker, digibooster and the most important over 10 years spent on the greatest hobby one could ever imagine: demoscene. I love Amiga for all copy parties I attended, for all productions I seen, for everything I learnt and for the great people and real friends I met thanks to her!:)

If I could be born again or moved to the time I was 15 and have the chance to choose my hobby once again I would only choose Amiga & Scene. I'm sure that if I haven't had been Amigian and scener I wouldn't be the same person as I am now.


PS. I love her also coz she's hmm.. you know... female ;)

its easy for me. im amiga user since '89 . today im using a1200T/040/40mhz, 603e/270mhz, 64mb, blizzvision, 15gb hdd, toshiba cdx40. im doing almost everything on this computer. from fun, scene to work.

i also have a pc (cel525, 352mb, 3gb hdd (old hdd from my amiga hehe)) - i've got it - bcoz i have this hardware just for free. almost things except scene i could do on this pc, but ... i really prefer amiga - system, feeling etc. its easier more comfortably for me. amiga have a feeling. its something special. yes its quite old hardware but who cares! i can do almost all on this!


I love the Paula ;)


I love my Amiga, because itīs the only women that got stuck with me since Iīm 12 years old, except my mom of course. Girlfriendīs came and went off again, but my lovely Amiga has always been there.. :)


I luv amiga because of all the memories from past years... and every time i turn it on it's only becoz I wanna see the old stuff :) Amiga brought a lot of ppl together and still the most amazing demo scene prods are made on amiga. Amiga is also the most elite hackers tool from 80s. take care.

(Heidi The JellyBean Queen)

Clipart From JP#o9 Amiga still have something remains from the past, the people sticked together being on a platform which is actually dead for other, mainly PC, guys. Smaller scene is always stronger than bigger one because of the power and the motivation. Smaller scene has no problem to cooperate and it means we are doing a demo production with a power for real creating. Simply, we create seriously. And why am I writing about the scene only? Because the scene is the only thing which still keeps the Amiga alive.


simple: * a great computer : ie you can use it easily if you are a pro or if you are a lamer, everybody can use an amiga
* cheap computer, moreover you don't have to change your computer twice a year
* modularity : you can add some cards for some special applications
* as you have your computer for some years, you spend time optimising (like consoles now). really cool when you code, but now it's too late, i think it can't have another so great adventure (i like atari and falcon too)

(Seb aka Krishna/Scoopex wrote)

And what about you? Didn't you find your name in this part of "Amiga Our Love" or the prequel? Then do not feel sad, but send me what your answer would be in an e-mail and be sure to read this in the next issue. I still have not found the ultimate answer, so I will continue searching for it...