Back From The Mortuary!
by Ghandy & Zito

Expecting a new issue of Showtime after such a long delay we`re sure you can`t believe your eyes that instead of this the almost forgotten Jurassic Pack hushed out of the mortuary? Well, it was Zito bugging me again and again to reactivate my baby as he did like it so much. It seems many people had the start of their scenecareer while the first attempts of JP came out, therefore their memories of it aren`t really clear. Zito had this mag in a glorified memory until I asked him to check the older issues again and yes, then he had to admit that it all wasn`t that shining anymore. But still he liked the friendly and nice atmosphere, Bridgeclaw`s graphics even if we used them seven times in a row and, not to forget the good tunes we had choosen.

As already said: It`s Zito`s fault, not mine! He went on my nerves until I began to like the idea of reactivating this project. Sadly weeks later we had and still have heavy troubles with Zerox as we didn`t support D.I.S.C as promised and as we didn`t merge this mag into his one, which I also had promised a long, long time ago. As a result we were not allowed anymore to use Zytrox` old code from 1994. A good timing indeed: We were pretty near to finish all stuff as most articles were formatted for the typical JP-format by Zito, cliparts, panels, modules, articles, everything was ready and then we had to start again from the scratch. On the opposite we`re now after Devotion`s death in the lucky position to be able to use the fucking most advanced diskmag engine ever, done by our dear Darkage member Mr.Tickle!

Clipart From JP#o8 In the meantime Mod3m showed interest to continue Showtime on his own and as this production has a deep, deep italian history, we gladly agreed. So, as we`re now used to work with this engine, the staff can then concentrate on what a diskmag makes strong or weak: the contents, in other words the articles!

But of course we`ll also help Paolo to be able to compete with the other global chartplayer coming from the deep north of Europe. Nothing is better for a market than competition, also for the Scene this statement often proved its truth.

But back to JP: The writing brothers in arms, the endless bugging Zito and his slave Ghandy wish you both as much fun reading this issue as possible. We`re sure it`s worth and possible to spend some if not many enjoyful hours with it.

The handling of this issue could be compared like it is with good old cheese. You`ve been atracted by the smell, you have the typical strong taste in your mouth that you like but you can`t eat it all at once or else you would feel pretty sick.

Better taste it piece by piece, you`ll never know what happens next. Maybe Zito will try to force me to produce ROM, RAW, Grapevine, Oepir Risti, Stolen Data, Ice, Cracker`s journal or whatever again. In case of these young Sceners you`ll never know, their brain is always full with strong and strange ideas, but isn`t that what makes life worth spending it?

Yes, it is.

P.S.: If you were seeking for the oldskool JP-staffmember Sixpack, he went back on the surface but still has problems to get his winUAE running. We tried to help him configurating this piece of software but right now, he didn`t show up again. Lately he and Arcane of Haujobb had a meeting with Glenn, the Scenery master.

But that`s all what we know - in fact he has shown interest into this project but being interested was the maximum he was able or willing to give, and as far as we we`re informed it`s the same status when it comes to D.I.S.C.

We wish we could report something different. But well, sexy Sixy was often good for a heavy surprise, so why not?