JP#8 Responsibilities
by The JP Staff

The Writing Society The brothers in arms, Ghandy and Zito this time shared the job of being the editors in chief. Our only regular writing staffmember was Gone/Darkage^Void who really killed us with support! All the articles were formatted & colored by Ghandy. Cliparts, backgrounds & graphics converting works by Zito. Thanks for a helping hand to Stingray & Mr.Tickle!

The Programming The fantastic magengine - previously used for Devotion but we`re sure you`ve already discovered that - was coded and updated for JP by Mr.Tickle/Darkage.

The Graphics The rocking prehistoric panels were provided by Budgie of 100% Prophets & Layout, the titlepics shown in random order were pixeled by Noogman of Scoopex and Bridgeclaw of Darkage^Gods. Thanks to Malmis of Nature for his stunning 7-colour cliparts and also to Adam/DCS for the fonts and additional stuff. Even Zito became a pixeler and supplied 7/9 backgrounds + some cliparts! Raven of Nuance and Budgie did one each person too.

The Modules The musical ambience was tracked by Mice/Zenon, Dascon/Iris, SuperNao/TBL, Chris Meland/Noiseless Productions and Virgill & Blackthorne. Check the music menu for detailed information.

Clipart From JP#o8 By Malmis/Nature Guest Editors Flying handshakes and kisses have to go out to the following writers for supporting us with such a mass of articles: Amigos (the group), Adok/Hugi, Bobic/BTTR Web Project, Bolda/HLA, Browalia/Nukleus, Bytebreaker/Looker House, Crown/Cryptoburners, Dr. Hirudo/Void, Frequent/Ephidrena, Glenn Lunder/Scenery, Heaven Aeroplane, Hei-di/Digital, Lahve/Reason^Scoopex, Levitator/team PowerAmiga, Madbart/Appendix, Makak/Reason^Moons, Matarazzo/Iris, Nic0/Oboy, Mr Ed/Gfx Zone, Ndk/Gfx Zone, Nutter/J.L.R., Oddjob/100% Prophets, Reload/J.L.R., Soda/ex-Scoopex, Spot/Up Rough, Stingray/Darkage^Scarab, Unlock/Vantage, Wishbone/Gfx Zone. Even Magic/Nah-Kolor was allowed to publish something.

The Intro Done By Mankind.

Thanks to you all!! Without you this would not have been possible!