Soda Rocks!
by Ghandy & Zito

When some months ago the release date of Devotion#2 came close, Magic saw his coats swimming away as he obviously didn`t have anything to do with this production. Something which went against his divine plans.

Mr.Tickle gave all tools to Dan aka Wade and he and the rest of the old Seenpoint team was busy preparing the sequel. Magic didn`t receive the code even if he was the second editor in chief of the first issue and saw himself standing in the rain. Being peeved like a child one took away its toys, he announced an own sequel of Devotion with a magengine by somebody else, no matter that Darkus did not allow him to use the name Devotion.

First it was a race against time but when Sane, Wade, Fishy and Ghandy were almost finished, he still didn`t have much in his hands. His diskmag project even did not see the lights of the day until now! Although he convinced the Apathy guys to give him everything they already finished for their own mag.

One night before the real second issue of Devotion came out, Magic did spread a massmail concerning this topic to many, many sceners. Here it goes:

Hi Sceners,

Please notice that I Magic, have nothing to do with the soon coming (tonight?) release of Devotion issue 2.. I am not happy with the release only because Darkus and I worked very hard on issue 1, and later on the first try of issue 2 but Darkus didnt communicate in any way with me in december and january, untill he sended one email saying he left the scene and dvn2 would not come, this after all my hard work..

So in all objectivity, this wasn't a nice thing of him to do it like that.. For the rest of the story read my text in dvn2dead.lha

Rest me to say, it's a good thing for the scene that another diskmag will be released tonight.. But the way things happened should have been different in all honousty and Darkus should know that..

ALL the rest I really don't care much or less about Dvn.. I hope darkus thinks i do, which certainly gained him motivation to make a new 2nd issue of Dvn with Wade (Is what i think) 7 years ago I would have cared but now really 0,0%

(BjoRGE u know what I mean with that now wont you? :)

I hope there will be more issues of Dvn than in the future!

Good luck, drink some cocktails enjoy life..


First nobody cared, as nobody does everytime Magic writes a mass-mail. But what made us really laugh was a reply from Soda, who in former times also was a member of the Seenpoint crew. We`ve prepared this article because you should not miss his words. Clever as Soda is, the adress from where he seemingly wrote this email was already invalid, so Magic did not have the slightest idea how to react.

But now, after you should have leaned back in your seat, take care of your health. (Well, we had problems while we were falling to the ground because we could not hold ourselves!) Now let Soda take over the steering wheel:


shut the fuck up, you pathetic little man.

I am so fucking tired of your all you petty whining. It would be okay - if you didn't feel the urge to share it with *everybody*.

You do not interest me.
What happens in your life does not interest me.
If you feel betrayed - it does not interest me.
If you die - it does not interest me.

I have gotten 4-5 emails from you the last week - all of which were also sent to heaps of other sceners. Please, I can't take it anymore - shut the fuck up.

I think I am speaking on behalf of every scener that has ever walked the face of the earth. You are lameness manifested.

Soda / ex-Scoopex

PS: Please do not respond to this email, spammer.

And don`t forget that our Scene would be of course boring and tasteless without Magic, so don`t condemn him. He is like he is, he was the same person many years ago and he`ll never change when it comes to his personality. He`s leading an Amiga group without owning this machine for a long, long time, he`s writing articles for Amiga diskmags and can`t watch the final product and when he wants to read a diskmag released by another Amiga group he beggs the main editor to send him the articles as text until this ones mailbox overflows. But for him that all doesn`t matter.

To all our enjoyment he keeps on doing it, with all the stubbornness, the desire of honour and selfimportance and all the smaller and bigger defects concerning his character. But we`ll better end here, there were enough critics concerning this person in Devotion#2 itself, it would not be possible to reveal some new aspects as everything is quite wellknown when it comes to him.