Monopoly After X-Mas
by Browallia/Nukleus

The Party stinks! Everybody knows it! Halleluliah! Eeh?

Actually I started to write this article when I heard about TRSAC, and that the party should be held the days after Xmas. Unfortunatly, some ducks must have whispering the wrong information, cause when we went to TRSAC, the month was like October, even in Denmark.

So even more annoying is why nobody would like to start another alternative party when the Party is hold. Do it fast so I don`t have to finish this dark/bloody/up- INtheAss- ANTI-TP article :)

You must understand that when the evolution of Amiga went slower, we were actually not going in the same way. And TP, the convent of the year, which shows new creativity, software-possibility on its technical edge, etc etc.. is getting in a way that Amigapeople don`t like.

So, that`s why AMIGA-people should give away their last around-spreaded seats in the Partyhalls back to the organisers, so they won`t get any more buzzing noise in the nice networks.

Amiga was at the Party from the beginning. After the evolution, why should the Amigascene breathing in the rotten smell when the Party is breaking down to ruins without recognition? Nowadays, the Party homepage is even giving away their best tips of doing a good demo.. Who said that TP wasn`t following the trends for getting a place into modern time?

The Party sure has its good sides..

1) Releasing something at The Party (prefereble good stuff) you are getting up in your scenecarrier.

2) Have you been to the first The Parties, you start returning there.

3) It`s a natural meetingpoint for many groups, folks who would like to show up on the The Party "catwalk", cause of the great size of the party.

..and then the contraarguments:

1 The best things are not released at The Party anymore. The glory is there, but today the Nostalgic reason is taking a bigger part than on the beginning. The fight for getting a toprank in intro/demo is not so hard, when the number of entries is lower today.

2) and speaking about the nostalgic reason, breaking the pattern for being present at the Party, it`s about time. I don`t know what the Amigascene is doing the days after Xmas. Probably looking in all hundreds of shops that use to be an Amigastore, but now they are selling underwear.. But skipping this sarkasm.. a meetingpoint is necessary during the winter, before the Easter.

3) then the 3rd argument is activated when this new party is overtaking the role for the meetingpoint. The amount of people at TP, may be hard to break and you always find some new to talk with. But after some days without sleeping at The Party, you actually don`t know if you are speaking to a group or to a Banner of a company..

My suggestion didn`t change during this article. I`m still looking for a party that takes place the same days as TP. This lovely party has been going on for 10 times, that`s enough, it`s a great ending of digitally remastered era!

Otherwise: .. well, what the heck, see you at The Party this year too!

Comment from one of the editortwins

I don`t think it`s clever to release any productions on TP as the great old times are over, probably people will recognize your demo but as a result of the few Amiga demos the orgs will for sure have to combine the Amiga & PC compo, like it was at Assembly. And that should not be really fair, or?

Apart from that I would ask you better to support one of the smaller parties where the scenespirit is still rocking, like for example TRSAC, Spoletium, Radwar or one of those polish gatherings that take place. I`ve been at TP from 1993 until 1997 without a break and each year that passed, each time it went even worse: More commerce, more gamerlamers, more network, less Scene, less of everything that attracted me.

I`ll for sure NEVER go there again. If you want to meet the majority of Sceners, join Mekka^Symposium, else better go to one of the minor parties. But that`s just my point of view - Ghandy.