A Helping Hand
by Gone/Darkage^Void

I was checking out a certain disk-magazine lately and noticed that some scener released his first ascii colly. Now as this was his first colly, a well-known scener helped him out by saying: "This is the first time he made a colly, so please don't start shouting he's lame and is not good."

I can only say, "Well done!" by the fellow scener, as this is the attitude we need to get more spirit into the scene. If we want this scene to stay alive, we need new fresh young sceners that are willing to infiltrate the mysteries that our beloved scene is covered under.

But when the so called ego sceners are making fun of beginners and start to shout nasty words to groups or persons that are not that talented as they are, we are heading the wrong direction. This is no selfish scene, this is the Amigascene and if people think they are the best then act like it and help other fellow sceners out like this well-known scener did. Where will we end when sceners start to form groups on their own and they don`t want to do anything with the not so talented ones. Every time I read and hear it again, people asking why the hell do you release crap, it's better to release nothing then it is to releasing crap.

Clipart From JP#o8 By Malmis/Nature That's not true in my opinion.

How did the scene started out, with a mega cool demo that knocked you out? No, it started out with crap. And when time passed by and the scene grew they became more wisdom and knowledge of this wonderful machine and sceners started to make different effects, cool music and kickass graphics. All combined to one kickass demo.

But before this happened the sceners had to help each other and work together and those guys who started out then should know better and help the ones that are really willing to keep the scene alive. Selfishness will kill all what is left of the scene.

So maybe you are the best, maybe you release good stuff, but why not be the best and give a helping hand to someone that shares the same dream as you when you started out.

A helping hand will help the scene survive!