Idea & introduction by Ghandy - spotters are this time Stingray & Zito

Do you know what trainspotting is? Probably you have seen the movie with the same name? Trainspotters are people that are spending the whole day beside a track watching the trains that come and go. These trains are surely driving quite fast, so that they cannot see any details but that`s also not what those trainspotters want to see.

Demospotting is nearly the same, here again we don`t review any details, we only write some quick comments on some topical Amiga demoscene releases. A full review would take far more time but by doing it this way, we give the demomakers a feedback and that`s what many people look out for.Why don`t you also become a demospotter?

We would like to invite you to add some fast comments and take part in this totally new sort of articles.But please remember: Your shortie should be dealing with releases that came out during the past three months, not older! The selection was done totally spontaneously. If you miss the one or other product, just send us your impressions and we`ll include them if they aren`t too unfair.If you have never called a bbs you are maybe a bit confused.

What comes next is a selection of a capture out of the "Uphold The Law" BBS. From the left to the right you can see the original filename, the size, the date when it was uploaded and last but not least, the file_id.diz. This may be a grouplogo or simply a text describing what`s inside the archive. To quote the filelisting makes it easier to show you about what release we are speaking about. And now: Have fun & don`t forget to spot too!!

DT_211.lha BROKEN presents to you: Devious Tools 211 - The Next Generation

Ghandy Generally spoken I like packs very much but this one is totally senseless!! 1.7 megs only filled up with illegal warez you all could have leeched days and weeks before. Who needs that? I do not!

Zito I agree with Ghandy, this is something more than senseless! Also I have seen far better productions from Trip. I just wonder why those guys did not include Shogo (see below) in their pack. This would have given them a lot more credits at the boards, the only reason to make stuff like this.

StingRay Well, tool packs were quite popular in the "golden age" of the Amiga and I personally like them. Though, nowadays you can leech all you need from the net, so there is no real need for packs like this anymore. Still, sometimes you miss something and maybe you can find it here.

RNO-MEKK.LHA RAVE nETWORK oVERSCAN] "gOES mEKKA" a Mekka&Symposium'2k1 [released partyslideshow @phat1]

Ghandy How big - 4.5 megs of photos from the Mekka^Symp this year. But if you have been there, it`s really worth to leech it! Generally spoken the slideshow isn`t anything really special but the music fits well to the rest and the scans are of a real high quality, what else can I say?

Clipart From JP#o8 By Malmis/Nature Zito It is a pitty that RNO was not able to develop their style. This crew is known in the scene for a long time now, but they are still producing no high-quality demos or intros. Music releases, party slideshows like this one and intros without anything worth to be remembered are the only thing they seem to be able to make. But I think they could do more, they have potential. Or are they simply not willing to make anything better? I mean the pics from Mekka&Symposium and all the other parties RNO made a party slideshow of I can leech from everywhere, so why do we need these productions? But maybe I am wrong and RNO are just a funny bunch of friends who like to visit parties and remember them instead of hanging half a year infront of ASM-One trying to improve their latest effect. Do not be angry about what I have written here guys, but it is just a pitty in my eyes.

StingRay I've only one word to describe it: Boring! On almost all pictures you see the same finnish sceners. No, that's not what I call "Mekka" slide show, the better name for this would be "Finish scene at MS2k1". It's not worth the bandwidth in my opinion.

WPZFRZ46.LHA WHELPZ- group proudly presents: FROZEN PACK iSSUE 46 symphony party edition released on: 2o.o9.2oo1

StingRay: One of my favourite packs! It's a nice pack and you won't regret downloading it.

Ghandy: Hakon is doing a good job here! "Frozen Pack" comes out very often and always contains absolutly fresh warez.Sadly he doesn`t have any email addy and Azzaro`s email from Scenet as well as the address from many other polish Sceners don`t work either! But if you like packs, have a look at this one!

Zito: Frozen Pack, my favorite pack around these days. The pannels are very old, but still rock in my opinion. The news are not up-to-date, but Hakon is a good swapper that again. Keep it up, pal!

IRS-TPS.LHA IRIS presents: The Puppets slideshow Released 15/09/01

StingRay:This is one of the best slideshows I've seen for a very long time! The pictures are outstanding and the music fits quite well too. It works on CGX screens too without any problems (at least I hadn't any on my A123o). Contrary to Ghandy I could run it without any problems from WB.

Ghandy: Wow, this one rocks!!I have already enjoyed Yon`s graphics in the "Abecedarian" demo but with this slide he shows us what he`s capable to do! His style is very special, the music is quite atmospheric and the code works properly if you run it after a clean boot. Starting it from the workbench often causes troubles, suddenly sooner or later the whole thing stops and the machine goes to hell.If you have missed this production, get it!! Good slideshows are really something rare, "The Puppets" is a must!

Zito: IRIS keeps the spirit. Although I am not a fan of the "new" Yon - I prefer his older and funnier pixel graphics - I must confess that this slidshow really kicks your mind. I was fascinated although there were no pictures showing naked women. Therefor Yon's pictures are real art. I mean I never said or thought that scene art is not real art, but this slideshow looks more like drawn with oil on canvas or similar than pixeled with an Amiga. I have seen a thing like this only one time before: Pickpoke's One Spiritual Journey.


Zito: Arg... I do not want to start another debate about Poland vs. The Rest Of The World, but because English is without doubt THE scene language, I wonder why there are still people producing a diskmag for half or less of the scene if they could reach the whole. Taboo has a good engine, always good music and good graphics. The only thing that makes also this issue uninteresting for me and most of the other northern and western sceners is that it contains only articles written in polish.

Ghandy:This diskmag could have it all, a real bright offer of articles, nice topics which invite you to read more, a magcode that supports multitasking and runs fine but sadly it also contains average graphics and two a bit ugly sounding modules. But the real misery is that if you don`t understand the polish language, you should avoid leeching 1.9 megabytes because else you won`t be able to do anything with that file! All that I could see was that there were many recent diskmag- and demoreviews, a big graphics corner, many articles dealing with the Amiga itself etc. etc. But why the heck don`t you guys provide all this in a language that ALL of us could understand?? The Scene is already small enough, why do you devide it into people from inside and outside of Poland??Sometimes I have the impression that the polish Sceners really don`t care about the rest of the Scene but I may be wrong.

All I know is that I`m still interested into polish productions. But when I`ll discover this mag the next time, I`ll spend my money and time into leeching something that I can work with.

NAH-SP62.LHA nAH-KOLOr SpEeD iSsUe 62 - cOmPiLeD bY cAsE

Zito: Oh, Speed... It is not the same anymore since Blaze aka Renton vanished, but that again it is the same since 1997. No new code, no new title picture, but therefore 4 cool tunes each issue. Former it was the most topic pack among the lot - mostly polish - packmags, now it is more a try to keep Nah-Kolor alive. Sad...

StingRay: This is also a quite nice pack with a mostly boring mag-part imho. But it's worth to download anyway as you can find some fresh productions here.

Ghandy: Normally Case is concentrating on modemtrading and hack`n phreak stuff but since quite a while she`s also compiling the "Speed pack". A fresh titlepic is missing, this one was painted back in 1994!! Also an updated code would be cool but else Speed isn`t bad at all. The stuff is good and the magpart is quite big.I had no chance to miss this piece of software as Magic immediately started to try to dcc it to me unsolicted. That time it was as it always is when Magic is online in the irc channel #amigascne. He has nothing better to do than to send you all kind of stuff that you`ve never asked for.


Zito: I was happy to see this intro when it was released - seems this year is the year of the chippacks on Amiga - but until today this was the only sign of Flapjack. Hopefully we do not have to wait another two years now!

StingRay: This one is cute! Even though there aren't very advanced routines to see here, the overall design and the music (a nice ahx-tune by Flapjack) is very good. Go and check it out, it's only a small production so you don't waste much time leeching it. It also works on CGX screens, so AGA is NOT required.

Ghandy: Flapjack is back in biz after a fat break of two years. This is the announcing intro for his soon to be continued chippack "Psychol". Chipmusic related packs of any kind are more than welcome, old sceners that dare to remember about our scene and rejoin even more!! I`m really looking forward for this chippack. The intro itself was obviously done in a hurry, but the cartoonish cat drawings in the intro are nice, worth to look at once or twice.

LNS-TR01.LHA official TRSAC AUTUMN (2001) invitro + infotext!

StingRay: Well done for an invitation intro, but nothing special to say about it. I've seen it some weeks ago and I can't remember one single effect, this should say it all I think.

Ghandy: Psycho of Loonies again!! It really makes sense to execute this file as it`s extraordinary as well as its effects are enjoyful to watch at. It never happened that I got bored by watching a Loonies product, and it isn`t either with this one - nice work!!

Zito: Until this file came I was always surprised by Loonies' productions. Everytime new ideas and fresh design, but I do not know why all the others I talked to about this intro like it. The code is for sure clean and fast, but I was bored of it though.

PSL-KMJ.LHA Pic Saint Loup KISS MY JAZZ Jazzcat`s PSL`s music disc [AGA/CGX] - [27\aug\2oo1]

Ghandy: This musicdisk really cries out for a pursuit of my "Making Of" series as it is absolutly perfect! Yes, the code is a bit slow but that doesn`t count so much afterall.The intro is fine, Slayer`s graphics rock as always. The tunes are of a high quality and the comments are written in a proper english and contain a very special sort of humour. "Sobiraj`s SID machine".. hehe! Well, fine that Jazzy Jazzcat at the end found somebody who coded him this musicdisk. Else the world would have missed a lot!

Zito: What can I say? It is awesome! I love the music by Jazzcat and I guess all of us waited for this musicdisk too long that we should miss it now. Well, the code is not that clean (even on my 060 it does not run smooth in all effects and the menu-scroller is less fast than a snail) but the lot of tunes in ahx, mod and dbm and Slayer's gfx make the whole thing worth to leech.

StingRay: The music is great, but unfortunately the code is not. If you watch this on anything below o6o you'll be quite disappointed. The design is nice but I don't understand why the code is that slow on my o3o... But seems we live in the time where even musicdisks require an o6o to be enjoyable. If they had spent some more time optimizing the code, this would be a real masterpiece. So the final conclusion is: If you own a o6o go and leech it immediatly, if you don't have one, ask Jazz to send the modules so you can listen to 'em in Delitracker/Eagleplayer :)

SPB-ALT.LHA Alt hun vil ha by Spaceballs Released at Xenox 2001

Ghandy: Everybody knew that the Spaceballs-guys were a bit crazy but there was no reason to take that they are THAT much crazy! After drinking loads of wine or smoking some joints this is what you`ll need, else keep your hands away!!

StingRay: I really wanted to hear how Ace Of Base sounds in swedish...NOT. This is one of the productions you watch only once in your life and then you'll forget about it.

Zito: Yes, totally brainless. Neither new effects nor good graphics, but totally spaced out. But this thing could be even funnier if I understood norwegian.

VTX-WFTW.LHA VORTEX presents: Slideshow called Waiting for the World

Ghandy: Vortex is waiting for the world, I`m waiting for a better slideshow to come from them as this slide didn`t make me hungry for more. Sorry for my harsh words but I cannot judge it better. Of course it`s nice that a real newcomer group showed up and were productive. But this was not enjoyable to watch at, at least not for me...

Zito: Oops, this hurts. Especially because this group is not a newcomer group anymore. A buggy engine, lousy graphics. I wonder if they will ever become accepted as sceners. They seem to stack in an early phase of development or even become worse then they were when the released their first musicdisk and even a diskmag issue. I would recommend them to improve their coding knowledge as fast as possible and use pixeled graphics instead of peecee/photozop filtered pictures before they miss the connection to the scene totally and be finally stamped as lamers!

StingRay: I don't wanna say much here, because this one is crap (sorry, but I couldn't find another word to describe this "production"). Should be aboived at all costs! If you want to see a good slideshow, leech "The Puppets" from Iris!

LAPSUUS.LHA Lapsuus by MatureFurk 1st Place at Assembly'01 Demo Compo

Ghandy: Lapsuus by Maturefurk should in my humble opinion be counted as the fucking best demo of the year 2001! I bet it will hold this place even if there are still some months and demos to come. Read the groupinterview with these guys in our hall of fame! And if you didn`t watch it already, do it and you`ll know why they have won the combined Amiga and PC democompo at Assembly this year!!!

Zito: This will blow your head clean off. Just watch it!!! This demo shows - and so the name is more than just a name - what the Amiga stands for and could be capable of. GET IT NOW!!

StingRay: Outstanding piece of work! It's more like a film than a demo imho (well, on 68060 at least, on my 68030 it was running slow as molasses). It is a really well designed demo with and the soundtrack absolutely rocks! If you didn't see this masterpiece yet, go and leech it, you won't be disappointed!

SCENA120.LHA SCENERY - Scene History Book... vers 1.20 released on 29/o7/o1

Ghandy: The one and only not executable file we`re speaking about but this is really worth to have a closer look at. The Scenery maker Glenn calls himself a demoscene historian but that exactly points out what Scenery is. A book about the history of the Amiga Scene, hundreds of reviews, many interesting background informations, a lot about the ongoings of groups etc. etc. Go to Aminet or Uphold the Law BBS and simply read it, you`ll be busy for hours!!!

Zito: Well, because I am staff member of this production I better say anything about it as this could make me look unprofessional. But the fact that I am working on it too, should show you that it can not be that bad at all...

SF-CIBER.LHA EUSKAL!9 release - Ciberneocortex by Software Failure

StingRay: I used to like Ham's intros because he had a very special/unusual design. But it seems, he was a bit unispired while he coded this intro. It's nice, but nothing extra-ordinary. I'm waiting for new fresh productions from him.

Zito: Yes, Ham is a really good coder, unfortunately he never get the fame he deserves. His 64k intros at Euskal party are something like a tradition since many years and he never disappointed those who leeched his work, because the gfx (ownmade) might be not that high standard but how he plays around with effects combined to the music (he is not only a code asm-maniac!) is more than satisfying to see.

Ghandy: Ciberneocortex is good if you forget about the strange backgrounds and the cheap font.Its coder Ham shows us that also less known guys are able to supply a real serious codework. Get it, check it, like it!

KNG-LATE.LHA euskal!9 release:

Ghandy: These are the hungarian Kangooroo`s with their contribution to the Euskal party!"Late Night Trip" shows that its makers obviously love the colour grey.The design is good and nobody can carp at this 64k intro even if the trip through the skyline was shown a bit too often.

Zito: I was wondering that Nemechek is still active because I lost contact to him 2 years ago and it was really silent around this very talented coder. Maybe this will be his comeback, if not the scene lost one who could kick every elite coder's ass.

IRS-NFH1.LHA -NOISE FROM HEAVEN- Issue #01 - (c) 2k1 by IRIS

Ghandy: One could think that Cupid of Iris is capable of everything! He has drawn the real cute flowerish design, he has composed some nice chiptunes and not to forget that he has coded everything for Noise from Heaven! NFH had a good start with this issue, the menu and everything around is simple but the tunes were really convincing! I`m really looking forward for the next issue...

Zito: ...not to mention that Dascon organized the whole thing and wrote most chiptunes and articles as this is HIS chippack sotosay. And I have to tell you that I like his pack, a mixture of funny sounds and melodic strings (unbelievable that these are chipmodules only) of the old, classic dASCON and brand new chippies. I can not wait to see the next issues released!

StingRay: Here we have a cute little chippack which is enjoyable even on my poor o3o :) (in fact, it even works on an A5oo(!) ) The music is nice, but I missed a real mindblasting tune here. You know, those tunes you could hear for hours. But nevertheless it's a very nice production and I'm waiting for the sequel. The only real negative thing I've to point out is the font they used for the scroller which is quite ugly imho.

DKG-LIFX.LHA Darkage Fixed and Improved Anarchy's 'Legalise It'

Ghandy: Stingray has released a lot of fixed and improved oldskool stuff like this musicdisk, like Sonical Fantasia from Equinox, the MultiMegaMix from Kefrens and three more archives with various oldfashioned crackintros. If you want to check how the roots of our Scene look like, these files are definatly what you need but please don`t expect any newschool stuff or never seen effects!

Zito: Yes, Stingah has the spirit. He is the biggest oldskool maniac I know. And with these fixes he do not only proof this but also that he knows how to use the assembly language because he made it possible to watch old hardware hacks on new machines again without restrictions. The stuff is 1oo% the same but working. Forget WHDLoad, get this!!!

StingRay: Well, I can't judge my own stuff, so I just say, leech it if you're old-school lover, if not, leech it too, as it is a really nice music disk!

MKD-EP9I.LHA Invitation to euskal party 9 by MANKIND

Zito: Mankind rules! Those french bunch of mad Amiga sceners does not only have the talent to make great code- and artwork, they also have a certain creative spirit, which make it possible for them to come up with always new, funny and damned cool designed ideas each new release but keeping their own special style. Only that they used datatypes for this productions is not very scenish in my eyes... But you will love it anyway!

Ghandy: If you need inspiration how a funny and entertaining intro can look like, get thisfile! Of course, the party itself is over but this and the partyinvitation for Slach 2001 are both worth to watch. I`ve especially enjoyed the fantastic graphics from Zaac and Mankind`s crazy ideas!

ARTIFIX.LHA Secretly! proudly presents "Artifictional" - the final

Zito: I liked the scenes, nice ideas I have not seen before, but all in all this one - seen now with a distances to MS2k1 - seems to be more a perfect synchronized 3D-Engine than a perfect designed demo. But it is nice to watch and is not that big though. And this shows that the coders of this entry are able to optimize what makes a coder a real coder in my eyes.

StingRay: Hmm, hard to judge for me as I'm one of the coders who were involved in this project. It's not a good demo, it's not a bad demo, it's just a demo :)

Ghandy: The Artifictional demo was the last Secretly! production done by Stingray, Scicco and they all have left the group after serious problems with their leader Mr.Vain. Only a few weeks after the Mekka^Symposium 2001 they have all left Secretly! and formed the brandnew crew Scarab. If you like fast running 3D demos, the final version of this demo should be your choice but else it`s also worth a look or two.

3LE-DRMA.LHA THREE LITTLE ELKS presents "Drama Motion Beauty"

Zito: They have stolen my hopes... The intro is nice, but why release it when the group is dead since ages. At least they should not have released it at a party in my eyes.

Ghandy: No, no! Don`t think that the Three Little Elks are back, this intro was ment for the Assembly`97 but never came out until now! Afterall it points out where 3LE were good at: Design! I have enjoyed it watching even if it`s very short and naturally only contains old effects - but with a delay of four years, where should they come from??

JWS-SH23.LHA JEWELS & DYNAMIC TRADERS presents: Shogo Mobile Armor Division PPC/WarpOS4/Warp3D

Ghandy: If you take part a bit longer in the Amiga demoscene, then you should remember this crazy danish swapper who called himself Steffen of Speedy. Well, it`s the same person that thought it would be cool to rip this PPC game and spread it on the boards. First of all: Nobody will download 23 * 5.6mb, and then even if my own roots are located "downtown" in the illegal scene, you should ask yourself if it really makes ANY sense to make the Amiga`s software industry`s life harder?? Shogo was already a nice 3d-based egoshooter when it came out on PC some years ago and it surely took them a lot time and energy to port it to the Amiga. So what?

Zito: I do not play games and I do not use illegal warez, at least not this one, so I can not say anything.