Amiga Inc. - The New MS?
by Zito/Darkage^Reason^1oo%

Here we have the Amiga and its users. A computer, a passion, a love. And there we have Amiga Inc. The Firm, the promises-makers, the MicroSoft of the new millenium. But their target is not to rule the world, but to take the user's money. We were cheated again, since years. But we still follow and pay...

Everything we did not like on the PC - or at last on Windows and its capitalistic tyrants - has been done by Amiga Inc. I am not talking about them forcing nearly every computer user in the world to use their operation system only (this were a wonder and not a bad strike). I am also not talking about them making only profit because their operating system sells best. I am talking about them making our - once stated as the best - operating system a joke for every serious computer user who has a little knowledge about the software he or she is using.

I mean: Have a closer look to what has really changed since OS3.1 and you will see that it is nothing. Just the surface, the GUI, the look. Okay, it supports now harddisks bigger than 4GB and includes a CD-Player and other nice tools, but you could download all this stuff for free from Aminet before, or at least buy it for a few coins as Shareware. All those things are no real features, but simply added stuff. Also SFS for example supported large harddisks before OS3.5 saw the light of the day. And none of both OS-Packs included new ROMs, the OS was just patched into the RAM. So in my eyes neither OS3.5 nor OS3.9 was something worth to buy or something worth to call it a new operating system.

Amiga Inc. released fakes only to make money. And we paid! Our AmigaOS is not anymore what it once was. It became a patch like windows. What Amiga Inc. did is exactly the same MicroSoft did, but without such a big success.

If not money is the reason for the heads of Amiga Inc. to behave like they do, what else could it be? Maybe they really want to kick Bill Gates ass. Maybe they want to become those who made the most patched operating system? Maybe they will even rule the world for a few years this way and will be MicroSoft's biggest enemy and even be on the top ten of all operating systems but they will surely just stay a 2nd Windows this way. What we need is a new and innovative OS. Neither a Windows clone nor a patched-to-the-maximum AmigaOS.

But back to reality: We do not really need another boingbag-followed upgrade. The OS3.1 is not bad and stable. What we need is a straight further developed AmigaOS. No Boinbags and patches. We need something real!

OS4.0 should come with new ROMs, FlashROMs for coming updates. If it will not come this or a similar way, we - respectively the Amiga market first and later the user community too - will die immediately or end like all the other Windows slaves in a couple of years, always upgrading our hardware to compensate the immense need of RAM this pseudo-OS would eat to patch AmigaOS9.0 upon the OS3.1 ROMs.

Clipart From JP#o8 But it is no way to blackmail the last Amiga users by forcing them to buy OS3.9 to get a real new OS. That again you may wonder, why am I so angry. I have nothing personally against Billy "I Got Your Money" McEvan. Why shouldn't he meet with his then official enemy but inofficial best friend Billy "I Got Your Souls" Gates to drink some of the most expensive french wine while smoking original cigars of Castro's privat estate. If he is as smart as Gates to fool so many people by promising years and years he maybe deserves the money?!?

But by the way I am writing about it, I have to take back what I wrote last time in SHOWTIME #16 about this topic, because I was told and seems this time it is for real that OS4.0 is coming though. Fleecy Moss already asked for beta-testers a long time ago... We were fooled the other way round and the too often changing directions of Amiga Inc. (AmigaDE, AmigaOne, PDA) were just to hide their friendly and not greedy plans: OS4.0 will see the light of day at the next Amiga fair!

But the fair came and again: Promises only! It is the same as always with Amiga Inc. They say, we believe. The new machine comes. The new machine comes not. But the new OS comes for sure.

And then we had to get to know that both will not come in 2001 from an external source. Neither Amiga Inc. nor Haage & Partner informed us about it, we had to read it at and other internet sources. It is a shame.

Do not worry, people! Hold your head high: Therefor Amithlon comes. The AmigaOS of the future. Even the new Amiga. The hardware is cheap, just go and get a PC.

If even in the winning games on Amiga related website or similar the prizes are not Amiga software or hardware anylonger but Amiga emulators for PC or Mac. And if you can not get some Amiga software on original floppies, but ADF-files for the use with those mentioned emulators only, why should we care anyhow. The path is set, so just follow your tyrants...

And why do I care anyway? I mean I am not interested in what happens to the Amiga. For me it is the scene that counts not the sells of the hardware! It is the same as with politics: I am not interested in it, I just want to live the way I like!

But that again: Where will the Amiga scene be in 10 years when there is no new machine to scene on? Maybe I should think about my interest in politics again...