Ladies and gentlemen, welcome again to a new issue of the Jurassic Pack series. We have now managed to officially release 6 issues of this friendly little mag after it joined the gODs in 1994. We had some unofficial releases in 93 - 94 with a pack part. Not many knew that JP even had a little pack part added when the scene was full of taste and experience. The glorious times when there were productions released frequently. But enough of that shit...

I don't know if I have any positive words about the scene as it is right now. The scene for me now is just like 'hanging' around in the various IRC channels where all my scene friends are. It is like a final stage of the Amiga scene since there are almost no productions left beeing released during no party season. And even the big parties as The Gathering aren`t getting enough to have a big entertaining for the Amiga demo competition. Really fustrating it is, when nothing happends around.. The editors around really have to dig deep to get some interesting headlines to write about. maybe you'll find something in JP that might interest you, but I can't promise nothin'..:-)

All I'm saying is that I'm damn fed up with the scene now.. It seems like I'm entering the final stage in a long scene career. Maybe the departure of the .FI (Finland) section of Haujobb had a negative effect. Inspiration and the feeling is now to zero, and it feels like it will be forever. Friends keep telling me that it will go away since they too have had the same shit some time ago. "Maybe" I reply, but it feels hopeless...

It might feel good, it might sound a little something, but damn why play if the game doesn't mean anything. What is game, who got game ????

So I think the game is over for me now all in all. The Scene One..:-) Now I will focus on my job, travelling to all corners of the world, alcohol and finally do alot of snowboarding..

Hope you all have enjoyed my releases trough all this years. Hope to see you all at some party, sooner or later, cause I might just show up. Hope to gain inspiration and still write looong emails to all my scene friends. Hope to have the energy to hang around in #amigascne channel every now and then.

sequence terminated - sixpack / haujobb clan

Part Two, not the final...

That sounds terrible, damn horrible, doesn`t it? After I have read this editorial it wasn`t any surprise to me anymore that I had to compile JP once again. Pal-Inge told me that he was too busy with his work at the airport, but the real reason should be mentioned in the upper lines. Well, I`m not so frustrated. Things doesn`t look bright in Gods at the Amiga side but I don`t care too much. If you are in the scene so long you sooner or later can`t care very much about fame, releases, a bright future or anything else. You stay with your friends, enjoy your time and do some small projects here and there. In the past months I was concentrating on organizing an own party with some friends, its name was Cologne Conference `98. Read more info`s in one of our party reports here in this mag. The second project was to take over SCENET - the sceners email & homepage database from Lord. After Evrimsson of Nuance realised to set up a new SCENET homepage the support and interest of sceners works perfectly. My third project? You are currently reading it.. after several articles in foreign diskmags such as in Scenetime (formerly known as Showtime), Seenpoint, Retro, Generation, Trashcan, Restless, (PC), Hugi (PC) and others, it went more and more clear to me that it makes a lot MORE fun to work for an own mag instead of supporting other people`s projects. Also, it really sucks that people again and again ask you for support and aren`t available anymore when it`s their turn to help you out. Or they promise you a stunning support and leave your team when the project gets a bit delayed like in case with MAGIC.

After having a deeper look at the present online-magazines and discovering that there`s still a gap to fill, we Evrimsson, me and Sane will start to work on Jurassic Pack ONLINE. You are welcome to help us if you want... (heaven WILL help us ;-)

Finally, a good friend of mine, Crazy of Digital Corruption^TRSI started to work on a new source of D.I.S.C. Time will tell if he`ll be more successfull as Brainwasher of Eremation was. So you see, a lot to do also in the year of God(s) 1999. I`ll be busy as always. I hope sexy Sixxy will soon come back... we all hope that.

sequence ended - by ghandy / darkage, faith, gods & chemical reaction

Part Three, maybe not!!

Amongst the themes controlled by the screen. What does it all mean, all this shit I'm seeing. Human beings screaming: ONE MORE GAME!!!

My favorite game has always been writing for my own little mag. I've been lucky and was served a source from my dear friend Zytrox. But could never have fulfilled my dream if I haven't met my dear friend Lars (Ghandy). We did some nice work for sceners to enjoy, didn't we? :-) And now he has helped me again, invited me to the JP/D.I.S.C. HQ he did. Trying to make me continue my work. I refused.. 'This is my last ever contribution to my mag.. Please continue with it'. But after hours of psychedelic methods, he convinced me to help in the future.

So maybe just one more game then.. Just watch out for the JP Online which will be just up there among the others. A new era of JP releases will be available for everyone with connection. Hey Bill, now even YOU can check out the latest news.

Love. Plinge ......sIXPACk

Part Four?!

Yes, part four! Today it`s the fifth of Febuary and I`ve just received a kind of SPECIAL present from Kernal of Faith & Lightforce. Thanks to his professional coding abilities we`re now able to present our beloved mag with at maximum NINE modules for each issue!! Of course we didn`t use nine, even if we had a lot more from musicians that are waiting since a very long time for THEIR mod beeing used. But including such a high number of modules doesn`t make any sense. Concentrating on the articles, you normally cannot read and switch between nine different modules containing various music styles at the same time. And yes, we tried to mix up between classical oldskool diskmag-songs and totally different stuffies. Just try it out! If you want to hear the next song, simply press "F3" on your keyboard. To switch off the music (you really want to do that???? uups!) you still can do that by clicking on the note icon at the bottom menu.

Additional to that completion, Kernal fixed the following things: JP doesn`t fuck up anymore at 060 processors or power-pc cards. Cliparts are now embedded in the mainfile. The source is now working properly with any graphics card! There`s no need anymore to disable the gfx-card first! Startup-code completly rewritten. The error of the small font is fixed. Thanks to Chaos of ex-Desire! Bugfixed P61 player included. The doubled mousepointer during the startup was removed! Unnecessary user-switches removed. Titlepicture(s) can be loaded before JP comes up! (only if AGA is present!) File loader rewritten. New memory management etc. etc. etc.

Exon called me up today and told me: "Hey, JP went in the latest Eurochart down to rank #16, you will have to DO something finally man!" Yep, I`ll do.. we`ll do! The Jurassic Mag is back, stronger than ever! Thanks to Kernal for improving the source in such an effective way & kisses to Exon who gave me the hint to handle the five years old source over to Mario`s hands after I tried my luck so often with different other wellknown scenish coders. FAITH wanted to produce an intro for the Mekka^Symposium, but after Kernal had to work about two weeks on the source, the time ran us away. Therefore the diskmag JP will be a FAITH, GODS & HAUJOBB production from now on and not an independant release as we (Sixy & me) originally planned it.