The original sourcecode was coded in 1995 by Zytrox, a former Gods member. The fixed and improved update code was compiled by Kernal of Faith & Lightforce in 1999!

The design we`re now using the seventh time was painted by Bridgeclaw of Gods. The fantastic titlepicture was pixeled by Noogman of Endzeit!

The modules we`ve included are the following: Mod.Wintertune by Evrimsson of Nuance, Mod.The Unknown by Psycho of Appendix & Endzeit, Mod.Den Sloye by Caramel of Fascination, a former Gods member (PC), Mod.Zebracrossing by Raytrayza of Kolor (PC), Mod.Unite with Music by Virgill of Scoopex & Endzeit, Mod.Spring by The Loop of ex-Artwork (left the scene).

MainEditors responsible in the sense of pressright: Ghandy of Darkage, Faith, Gods & Chemical Reaction & Sixpack of Haujobb. Technical director: Ghandy. Co-Editor: Darkus of Poise Records & Sane of Scoopex. Really *never* wanted to be our coEditor: Zerox of Gods.

Our writing guests in alphabetical order: 3D Addict of Digital Nerds, Adok of Hugi, Chris of Gods, DareDevil, Darkhawk of Iris, Dire of Eremation, Evrimsson of Nuance, Hotwire of Tesko, Java, Joint of ex-Gods, Majic Mushroom of Tesko, Miko'63 of ex-Iris, Nutman of Iris, Paranoid of Eclipse, Peace of Ex-Iris, Psychic Symphony of Evolve, Rokdazone of Endzeit, Sane of Scoopex, Surfing of RamJam, Damones & Fairlight and Zoltrix of Faction, Looker House & Trsi.