by DareDevil

Today Grandpa DareDevil wants to tell you little boys over there, a little tale about madness, creativity and, of course, demos.

Once upon a time, there was a strange bunch of crazy german guys. That's not a novelty because german people are all a bit crazy (Hi Ghandy! :-). Well, one day these strange guys who loved to call themselves Sanity (I never understood why that name?!), meet a couple of crazy french guys and this instead is a strange occurrence, because french people are crazy, but with style!!! :-). The first of them was a mad painter with a strange kind of perversion called "Salvador Dali's Syndrome" and the second was a musician with just a purpose in his life: To demonstrate to all the world that 4 channels are enough to produce very good funky tunes! I want to explain why this was also a kind of perversion, because I know personally another ex-scener with the very same purpose in his life (Hi Aud! (ex-Darkage) :-). Now what could happen if you put together all this madness potential? Usually a misunderstood masterpiece that needs to be revalued in future. That creature is Arte! This demo was for five years the milestone of the old unique Amiga demo style.

Years flying fast. Many things have changed since the old 1993: The "Salvador Dali's Syndrome" has infected a great quantity of people usually defined "graphicians" because of this disease; the whole Amiga Scene is victim of an undefined problem that someone calls "3D mania", someone else calls it "lack of originality"; the funky music style is older than old, because of the new techno underground style hard, aggressive and above all COOL! Now that old glorious style is called "oldskool". This definition came from another bunch of german crazy guys that loves to call themselves Abyss (once again: Why ¾that¹ name?!) and whoever could doubt about the mental insanity of these guys, please have a look at Dove! Well, these guys are crazy and nostalgic enough to believe that an oldstyled... oops... oldskooled demo could have a chance, and they meet one of that french fools that 5 years before has made the miracle, exactly the same guy that reached to demonstrate that 4 channels are enough for all kind of good music! Another thing: One of the graphicians this time is victim of another kind of disease called "German Expressionism Distortions Syndrome" that makes his style absurd enough to compete with "Salvador Dali's Syndrome" and there's also a musician/coder/graphician/designer/I'll_do_anything! completely out of mind (how do you define a person with "Pink" as handle?! :-). The most smart of you could imagine that once again there's a number of madmans good enough to repeat the same situation seen five years before! Ok, now needs an idea, but that's quite easy: Nowadays the oldskool is something unusual, weird, a wild lifeform in this threedimensional-PeeCee- contamined-without-design Amiga Scene: it's a Wildlife! That's the story so far of another misunderstood masterpiece that needs to be revalued in future.

Moral of this story:
1) Amigans are the most crazy people in the world.
2) Amigans are the most original people in the world.
3) Madness and originality are synonyms.
4) Amiga Scene doesn`t need to imitate PeeCee (non-)Scene to be the best one.
5) Some sceners should look to the past glories with different eyes.
6) There's a moral in this story? Really?! ¹(Ghandy:A good question! ;-)
7) DareDevil told us once again a very sleepy story.

Choose what you prefer (maybe the last, of course! :-). Grandpa DareDevil is near to turn off the lights. Good night, you little bunch of fools over there! ;-)

1993: The Party, 3th place: Arte by Sanity.
1998: The Party, 3th place: Wildlife by Abyss.

Something never changes!

(Ghandy:Or better say: Sometimes good things doesn`t change, why should they!?!)