Problems With JP#10???

This is just a short note to all those people having problems by running JP#10, which are only emulator users so far...

Disk 1 is a DMS (Disk Masher) file, that can be treated like a physical floppy drive. Just select the file in the path selection of WinUAW directly, as you maybe already did with ADF files as every old Amiga trackmo (may it be a demo or a game) can be used as ADF or DMS in WinUAE.

Disk 2 is sadly not really bootable as we could not fit everything on the physical disk at the end. (There might by a fix out soon...) Read the "ReadmeFirst.txt" inside for more infos. To get JP#10 running, copy it to your emulated harddisk and run "S_JP1o.exe" after the usual boot (which includes the setpatch command). If you have no harddisk emulated, just dearchive the LHA to an empty directory on your harddisk, set the path to this directory and boot WinUAE. Then (in the CLI) run first the Setpatch command from C: of this directory (this enables the AGA chips) and then "S_JP1o.exe" and enjoy reading. If JP still refuses to work afterwards you propably do not have the latest ROMs as JP requires Amiga OS3.0 at least. Also 4MB FastRAM should be there for use.

Still problems??? We have published a longer tutorial about "how to use WinUAE correctly" in JP#11 and on this website. Check it out and it will work! Otherwise buy yourself a real Amiga!