Old School Or New School? - Some introducing words to all those readers who didn`t understand what the special design of JP #10 is about!?

If you dared to read my celebration article inside JP #10, you know that in the year of God 1995 the story of our Amiga demoscene related diskmag "Jurassic Pack" began. The history of the Amiga demoscene itself obviously began much, much earlier. For your orientation, please have a look at OCS demos like Red Sector`s legendary "Megademo", Budbrain`s "Megademo" I & II, "A book of Songs" musicdisk from Complex, the early releases from Sanity, The Silents, Anarchy, Kefrens and so on. If you have seen some of them, you will afterwards surely understand what we define by the term "old school" or "oldskool". Unless you download a fixed version or use a tool like WHDLoad, all these demonstrations will refuse to work on the newer generation of the AGA chipset equipped Amigas. If you want to watch them, you must remove the dust from your old A500/A600 or Amiga 1000. The usage of the freeware program WinUAE as an emulator for Windows users is highly remommended. We`ll later put a complete and easy to understand step-by-step installation manual online! (All those historical demos should work with winUAE, that's it!)

Snapshot From A Classic Red Sector Intro Zito had the nice idea to make a celebration edition of Jurasic Pack, in which we wanted to revive and remember the good old times! In order to realize this, he had a closer look at the graphicial outlook and design of classical diskmags like Zine, Crackers Journal, ICE, Magbox, the first issues of The Jungle, D.I.S.C and many more! That inspired him while he painted the background pictures for the articles and that mags were also the pattern for Doc Mike`s panels, that some visitors of Pouet.net and #amigascne condemned. We talk about the early nineties, we talk about our roots here! We wanted to remember you how it all began and where we all come from. Without the Red Sector megademo probably the evolution of ANY demoscene would never have taken place in the way we know it today.

Snapshot From A Phenomena Demo Many years later the norwegian democrew Spaceballs began a complete new era of demoscening with their innovative "State of the Art" demo. But this was also delivered to the public by using the famous diskmasher. The DMS (in short terms) packs the content of a disk track by track. And in fact most of the old demos used a trackloader, that enabled it for the democrews to pack more stuff than the normal disksize on one disk! So did all diskmags too, therefor the name DISKMAG! So, by using the diskmasher for the archive, by creating a startup-sequence that automatically boots the first disk we, the JP team, wanted to warm up your memories a bit, if there are any!? ;-)

Snapshot From A Crusader Production Speaking of my own person and my own roots, demos like "Voyage" from Razor1911, "Odyssey" from Alcatraz, "Hardwired" from TSL&Crionics were the first demos I ever had a look at. And then, one year later, after "THE PARTY 3" I began to participate in the demoscene while I`ve only been an illegal modemtrader of the german crew Decade, a former sysop of the Los Endos BBS and the ex-leader of the cracking crew Faith myself. But after I discovered the beauty and creativity of the demoscene at TP3, there was no reason to stay in the f*cking commercial cracking scene myself! That`s why I renamed from GANDALF to GHANDY and joined the demoscene - and later various groups like Rebels, Bonzai Bros., Gods, Syndrome and all that I have forgotten...

I hope you now understand a bit more why everything in Jurassic Pack #10 is looking in the way it does. Have to leave you now as the older issues of the legendary diskmag RAW do really obsess me. Can`t wait to enter again the world of Lord Helmet`s arrogant articles and to learn a lot about the past. Maybe you should follow my example. Many but sadly not all editions of RAW are available at ftp://ftp.amigascne.org!

Signed: Ghandy of [S]carab & Vantage, presenting 50% of the MainEditor Bros., formerly known as Gandalf of ex-Decade, ex-Faith, and ex-Scandal.