Words From The Main Editor
written by Zito/1oo%^mOOdS^Reason^Scarab

Here it is. Finally. The first Jurassic Pack jubilee issue. A special one therefore as you surely already noticed, but with a small delay therefore too. It was always planed to become this kind of special issue, so I directly started the production of it after the release of JP#9, but as it is a special issue it needs special artists and special artists need special long time, sometimes. That is why I beg you pardon.

Since this a lot happened in the scene (Mekka & Symposium was held where a huge amount of Amiga productions have been released, surprisingly D.I.S.C. #13 had been published and another scener is awaiting a baby, to list a few things only) and for the Amiga comunity at all. Well, for the last one only seemignly as I still have not seen anything worth to mention. So also think amiga.com.pl and amiga.hu who boykott Amiga Inc. because instead of really doing something for the Amiga they prefered to work together with MicroSoft.

But I am here to write about the scene, not the hardware. So let me welcome you warmly to this jubilee issue: Jurassic Pack #10, which is dedicated to the oldskool way of mag-ing, at least we tried our best to make you feel like back in the early ninties, because this is something that needs to be celebrated. We do not want to cry for the socalled "golden age", but we want to offer you - the readers, the left active sceners on this great computer - something special, something worth to have a look at twice, something to remember hopefully.

How it comes? Well, after I had the idea for this design, I took my old disk collections from the attic and locked me in my room for a weekend reading all those glory diskmags that inspired Ghandy for Jurassic Pack once. I wrote more than 4 pages of notes and design ideas and directly contacted graphicians and musicians who would fit into this or were able to do something in this special style. And I must confess, I like the result. I hope you do so to!

Clipart from JP#1o by Browallia/Nukleus And what do we have inside this issue besides great musics and graphics? Also something special of course! At first I want you to notice our two winning games. Then we have articles about hardcore rippers and exclusive Mekka stuff. Sadly we have to write about new scene wars too. But also some more or less known Amiga scener's released their debut audio cds we focus on. We are discussing about PPC, offer you poetic texts and a lot more. And of course some hidden parts are included again as last time too, but not only small ones! (If you did not find them in the last issue, have a look at "The Making Of JP#9" where I reveal them for you!) We have in this jubilee issue even a whole other diskmag hidden somewhere... To make sure you will find it, we placed several doors and not only one! Check out what is especially diskmag related and you will find it.

If this is not enough for you, you propably should contact us to send your support for the next issue or release your own diskmag. Fresh blood and competition is still needed today. But now I will not bother you anymore, so press the Index button and have fun reading all the articles.

Zito/JP Team on 23rd of may 2002.