The Credits For JP#10

The Tiny Intro has been coded by AcidRain/mOOdS^TPA with help for graphics by Grunge/Smash and Pasha/Secular. The atmospherical music has been provided by Slam/Universal.

The Gallery uses again the code by Stingray/Scarab. This time featuring d!RT!E/mOOdS doing the great music, Malmis/Nature the awesome title picture and Doc Mike/mOOdS the really oldskool panels while Zito & Stingray hacked again a long scroller.

The Engine, a really fantastic thing for autarc editors - previously used for Devotion - was coded and updated for JP#8 by Mr.Tickle based on the design by Darkus/Nah-Kolor.

The Mag Graphics are parted, as always. The first title picture was done by Browallia/Nukleus who also pixeled all cliparts inside. The second title picture was done by Prowler/Citron. The panels drew Doc Mike/mOOdS for us at Mekka & Symposium 2oo2. Backgrounds have been pixeled by Zito/1oo^mOOdS^Reason^Scarab who also developed the ideas for this issue's design. Still parts of Adam/DCS' fonts are used because we were not able to update them in time.

The Music this time as in the old times consists of only two soundtracker tunes for your enjoyment supplied by Dascon/IRIS & Maze/mOOdS^Apathy.

The Editing staff stays still the same. Once again Zito took over the organizing of the whole thing. This means he edited everything, collected, spellchecked, kept the contact to the supporters and took control about the graphical convertings and so on. Ghandy/Scarab^Vantage gave moral support and supplied with some high level quality articles. It is and stays a Main Editor Twins production though! And as always Gone/Scarab^Void supported us more than ever with a lot of different articles and did his job as co-editor this way very well.

Clipart from JP#1o by Browallia/Nukleus The Guest Writers who supported us as non-regular writers for this issue are the following dudes: AcidRain/mOOdS^tPA, Adonis/IRIS, Crown/Cryptoburners, Curt Cool/Depth, Darkhawk/IRIS, Dipswitch/DCS^DTR, Factor6/Reason, Malmis/Nature, Menace/Scenery, Powerslave/Void^Gods, Sagrael/Appendix^Taboo. Special Appearance by Angeldust/Apathy^RNO (Always Ask For A Photo First), Therese Littleton (Going Random With William Gibson) and Catharina Stoetzner (Nameless Metropolis). For the hidden parts credits see the hidden parts.

And again Magic/Nah-Kolor was not allowed to publish something. Accept this as a new rule for Jurassic Pack...