Declaring A War
by Zito/JP Team

"Faking a war?" is the name of an article written by Darkhawk/IRIS and published in D.I.S.C. #13 after I met him besides a lot of other sceners at Mekka & Symposium this year. In this article he writes something about me willing to start some childish game, willing to fool our serious readers. And that is simply wrong!

For the facts: Yes, I met him and Adonis at Mekka and it is true that both wanted to break not only my fingers, because of some things I wrote in JP#9. Of course both did not agree with what I wrote about EC and some of their articles there, but luckily Showtime #17 has not been released at this time or my fingers were now maybe really broken. But it turned out to be funny at the end with Adonis (my dear friend) and Darkhawk (my dear competitor) at the party itself and I am still alive in one piece.

Also we talked about diskmags of the past getting famous because of their wars, editors battling each other and more. And it is true that I said the scene is suffering for a war. I noticed not many sceners are reading diskmags today and I remembered how everybody followed these big editor wars back in the mid-ninties. So I told both of them my idea about what a hype a war today could bring. But it was just theoretical! And I can not accept that Darkhawk starts to write lies about me now.

But seemingly he wants a real war, as he started not only writing articles about our privat chats but also spreading news at about him and IRIS quitting the scene - something that shocked Ghandy and me indeed - and telling afterwards that I had done this just to hurt him. This is now way to behave, this is childish!

I do not want to start mud throwing in the scene, I am tired to fight in the real world everyday and do not want to do this here too, but if Darkhawk acts this unfair way I have to defend my name, my diskmag and my honour. I have to declare that it is simply untrue what he has written about me in this article.

The most funny thing of Darkhawk's article is that again, that he wrote the imminent words "Wait for EC45..." And we are still waiting as the EC staff did not manage it again to keep their release date. So let us see how long we will have to wait for their reaction. A half year? Or more?