The Scene Vs. Amiga Inc.
written by Zito/1oo%^mOOdS^Reason^Scarab & Gone/Scarab^Void

Once Zito was asked to write an article for the tiny diskmag Cows'n'Snakefights. And he was searching for the right topic. Searching for something special. Searching for something scene oriented. Still searching after some weeks, he only had one thing in mind all the time: Why do we sceners care about Amiga Inc.?

It were the times when Amiga Inc. already promised us, the users, the money-wasters, the believing idiots, four years long that a new stunning machine would come. Four years we believe and trusted them to lead us to a bright future. But nothing happened. Only empty promised were made. But the scene was alive all the time. Nothing could really harm the scene. Four long years! And even more if you count the Escom disaster and all the crap that happened after Commodore died. So why do we care about those idiots, damned?

We guess because most of us stuck with the basic equipment that we have since years. Always asking: Would there really be another Amiga released? What was more important for us loyal Amiga sceners? In some countries you could even get no spare parts or order anything for the Amiga anymore. These countries were and still are depending on foreign countries and the internet to get what they need to keep their machines alive. And most people are afraid to order something from different countries as you never know what company you are dealing with.

But also this could not stop us sceners from scening! We don't really need a new machine! The scene will continue - as it did continue - without new hardware. It would perhaps make even more sceners leave the scene as they hate to buy different hardware all the time. Remember the switch from C64 to A500. And then from A500 to A1200. And then you needed cards, a lot of hardware cards, more memory, more power, more this and more that. And in the meantime some bought a PC were it goes on the same way. Or left the scene because of all these changes. We don't need that all the time, do we? Amiga Inc. will never make such a great job as Commodore did until the end. When Commodore, and later the Jay Miner company, started was there still passion for computers and spirit for the scene. So staying on the basic (a bit old but good) hardware most of the other sceners own too is the easiest way to be active in our scene. Also the cheapest and most compatible one.

Amiga Inc, is there to make profit, but why would we let them make profit with us? We were the ones that kept the Amiga alive! Where was the help when we needed it? Where were our heroes when they should be there? Through all these years, we were the ones that stuck together and survived. Although with some losses, but we survived. And on every scene party we are still there and still astonishing the people with the newest kick-ass-released. We are able to make everything with this machine. Our machine, our old beloved Amiga.

The classic Amiga still lives and this is what Amiga Inc also discovered and now tries to make it theirs for a final money grabbing system. When there will be a new Amiga, it won't be an Amiga at all for us. It will just be a new machine with lots of ability's. But will these be abilities for us? We don't think so! We stuck with the good old Amiga and the good old Amiga stucks with us. And aren't we both happy?

We, the scene, made the Amiga that used and loved and respected it is today. So let Amiga Inc. do whatever they want, but never touch the true soul of the Amiga. If you need a faster and fatter computer, go and by a Mac or a PC with Linux as operating system and place it right beside your Amiga on your desktop, but do not change the love you grew up with. Do not replace the machine that guided you through the years, the machine you preserved from harm and disrespect of other people you met. Do not replace it by a machine that is just wearing the name Amiga and not its soul. Who knows what Amiga Inc. will do after they sold enough of these machines to us loyal Amiga fans. Maybe nothing for the next fourty years? Until they need some more money again???

It does not matter how old and used this sentence is as it is simply true: It's not the hardware that counts, the spirit does!