Kimble Arrested - A Comment
by Zito/JP Team

Yes, the wellknown german wannabe hacker and most disliked german ex-Amiga scener Kimble has been arrested in Asia, where he said to try commiting suicide, and was brought back to Germany after he became a fugitve of law. I guess half of us had been remarked about this in the medias. The others surely read about it in the last issue of Jurassic Pack.

When he anounced his runaway from Germany surely nobody else than justicia knew that it was not a voluntary vanishing as he announced dramatically on his website before, but a flight. After he failed or hesitated to commit suicide, he had gotten into prison by the local police quite fast (such a fat man can not hide) and without a question taken back by the german law. Now the fat is back, but in chains.

But he is not arrested for the real crimes he commited (like phreaking, stealing credit cards and phone card faking, not to forget how he betrayed "friends" and loyal little sceners just to make money he could spend on "thousands of beautiful women" as he liked to say on his own), just for some brokering crimes he did on the stock market abusing the firm "". This means he will have to pay some millions to the german state but besides the problems he has afterwards with some illegal organization those lent him a lot of money he simply wasted, there is nothing more he has to fear. Is this justice?

And still - months after he showed the world what a poor creature he is - some people call him today the most irridicence person of the new economy, something I would never subscribe. Surely he set himself in scene quite often but the one who is able to do something usufully with his brain knows that Fat Boy Kim never was the man he pretended to be or the man he liked to be in his little boy's dreams.

He wanted to play the big brother, the friend of everybody, the fighter for godness. He wanted to be Robin Hood and therefor he even found Djihad to reveal for example terror hackers, again an easy way to stay in the spotlight after the 11th september 2001. But in real he was just haunting for money. As real Robin Hood he had never revealed how phreaking worked as this helped the firms, the capitalistic tyrans and not the poor people living on earth not knowing how to pay their phone bills. Someone who wants to be a real "Robin Hood"-like figure had never kept all the money for privat pleasure and also had never worked together with Gravenreuth to bust all famous Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) in the middle of the ninties. But whom do I tell this, you surely know this as you are the descendants of those he betrayed first.

I am wondering how he could betray all the people all the time. But the answer is quite simply: Those who worked with him were simply blind because of the money. And those you became his victims were just blind for the money the thought to get. People were stupid seeing what he really was, that's it. But sadly such people are stupid in general and did not investigate to make sure whom they give their money.

The funniest thing he ever tried was to pretend to have revealed the secret bank accounts of "the king of terror" Osama Bin Laden. He even believed at the "voluntary end" of his "career" that there were a lot of loyal fans, disciples and friends from the scene who would support him in every needed way and this just because of his person. He was not only just a dreamer, he was a mad man!

But do at the end the good guys win? At least we could have some good laughs the last months. Kimble is and always was just a fat, arrogant and selfish snop who loved himself too much. He let others pay thereby he could pretend to be rich by driving in a big Mercedez or flying in some helicopter quite often. But this kind of person is neigther a hacker nor a scener. The only thing I am still wondering is, why some so beautiful and intellegent girls hesitated to have sex with him (not only he talked about this, also the girls did) and even showed her faces besides his one into the cameras of international medias. That is no glory way to become famous...