Amiga Demospotting - Mekka & Symposium 2002 Special
by Zito & Ghandy/JP Team

After Ghandy introduced this kind of articles series in JP#8, this time Zito took over the organizing. This time we put an eye on the Amiga releases from this years MekkaSymposium party. Again this party has shown that the scene is more than alive. And so the productions were quite a lot. Read now detailed reviews of all intros and demos and of selected other entries.

Amiga 4k Intro Competition - Perspiration by Efreet

Zito: It was so astonishing seeing this intro, that is really a 4k intro only, at the big screen, that I thought not to be able to breath again. 3d, shading and morphing and all in 4k is simply divine! Sadly the LSD design, I am talking about the choice of colors, did not fit so good in my opinion and the effects could not be seen and respected that good this way. A pitty!

Ghandy: In contrary to Zerox I do like this production very much. They must have worked like slaves to obtain an output like that. With no doubt, "Perspiration" should have merited the first rank. Guess "Nano" won because of its great design and well fitting music! But I`m not here, and we`re not doing JP in order to make public relations for our group Scarab, like RokDaZone & Damion did for Artwork by publishing Generation! If I would have voted, and I never do so at parties as all competitions are faked or falsified in the one or other way, Perspiration would have been my choice!!

Amiga 4k Intro Competition - 8 Perfect Circles by Nature

Zito: A funny idea. Was nice to see this production on the big screen, but of course it could not compete with the other Amiga 4k intros.

Amiga Demo Competition - Little Nell by TBL

Zito: Once again at Mekka - and this became the only place and time where this group releases something - Kalms and his friends show up with a colorful show celebrating their name and seemingly unbreakable success since years. But in my eyes they did not succeed. "Perfect Circle" was far better then "Little Nell" concerning everything. Of course textures and music are great again, but that is not what a whole demo is about. But I guess (and hope) this was the last time, that they won just because of their name.

Ghandy: Once again Scandinavia`s pride, The Black Lotus, show us in which aspects they`re perfect: In all spheres of design! They own fantastic 3d-modelers and 2d-graphicians, nobody can disregard the fact that most of them have their jobs in the game industry! Everything looks pretty professional and speaks a language of its own. But judging the coded routines, nice ideas you`ve realised but a hint for users: Please don`t try to execute this demo on a slower machine than one equipped with a 68060! Kalms is of course able to do better but I have the impression that he became quite lazy since he`s so wellknown. Running this demo on a plain 030 makes you watching a slideshow as the number of shown frames per second is often around one, if not less... ;-) "Perfect Circle" was cooler in my humble opinion too, but "Little Nell" was also able to please my eyes `n ears! Again the Trauma Child Genesis duo has supplied a good soundtrack - what else to say? They have surely deserved to win the competition, but next year it could become closer if the Mekka^Symposium organizers still mix up the 68k with the PPC demos!! And the glorious name that they have worked hard for in the past years, that alone won`t be a guarantee to win once again!

Amiga Demo Competition - Demoskope by Creative Minds

Zito: Arg, this might hurt. They performed a great show and proofed what a PPC is capable of. Though they were not ranked first, beaten by 68k demos. But for the coming parties, Creative minds are definitively worthy competitors, especially for Mawi, who are already producing PPC demos since years.

Amiga Demo Competition - Heavy Traffic by M. (Madcats vs. Erazorwizards)

Zito: To be honest, a nice demo at all, but it reached only this rank - I think - because of Mawi convincing drunken poles (and there were many of them at this year's Mekka) to vote for this production. It features a nice overall design and some really good effects, but as I was told by some polish insiders, most of them were faked animations. Guess, we know this from somewhere else?!

Amiga Demo Competition - Kheshkhash by Scenic+Encore

Zito: Damned, this one is just genial. It is a firework of graphics guided by a strong musical theme that leads the watcher into an own world. The whole demo follows a first colorfull and later tragic story arc. The only sad point is that it has been coded for PPC only although the only thing that needs this processor is the improved effect from Encore's last Mekka demo. But it is a mindblasting slideshow of SUPERB graphics by the Scenic team. Dunno why it got only placed #5. Maybe because it was their first production. Hold my shivering fingers crossed for your coming demos!!!

Amiga Demo Competition - Electroluxus by RNO

Zito: Huhu, a quite stylish release! I like this a lot. Sounds good, looks good, is good. A real pleasure to see such a quality demo by po-RNO. Guess less people awaited such a thing from those drunken sceners...

Amiga Demo Competition - [Mind][Matter][Electricity] by Reason

Ghandy: Reason, a group from what I only knew everybody`s darling Lahve and the story of the somehow disconnected yugoslavian coder GodJr, that had serious troubles with his electricity supply. When I heard from Lahve that his group would do an attempt to release a demo, I didn`t expect such a good result. No need to delete! That`s their slogan and when it comes to MME, that`s totally true! This demo doesn`t provide any hammer effects, which were never seen before, but Asarhad did an awesome job creating the design. Speaking about the musical aspects, the tunes from Lcr, Doc Mike and Tripper are also fine to listen to. "Doesn`t this guy know how good he is?", many people from inside and outside of Germany asked me after they looked over Kufa`s shoulder while he was working on MME. The answer must be no. He does not know it, else he probably wouldn`t be as friendly and open minded as he is. Meeting Kufa was a real pleasure, the same goes to his demo!! But Kufa boy, where the heck is the final version you`re speaking of in your readme???

Zito: Well, as I am a member of Reason and participated in the final production phase of this demo, I will not write anything about it, except that the final version is to come the next weeks for sure!

Amiga Demo Competition - "New Dawn Fades" by Madwizards

Zito: This one - shown around 5 o'clock am on monday because of the burning PPC computer while the "original" demo compo (see my party report inside JP#10 for details) - is surely the better Mawi demo release at MS2k2. (Wasn't it obvious enough for the organizers to see PSB and Mawi releasing thousand entries under slightly differing group names?) It is more calm featuring some gloomy atmosphere and music. The right thing at the end of an 8 hours-mega-demo-compo-night. Also they reacted on the 11th september 2001 in a respectful way, not as Crimson Jihad did. Sadly - although I did not notice that stunning effects - it needs a PPC to run, so I can not watch it again.

Amiga Demo Competition - Plan-B by IRIS

Zito: Nice objects and music. Also the graphics are quite clean but at all this demo placed #9 is a bit boring. But as I was told, this was only "Plan B" from IRIS, because they did not manage to finish their major demo at the party place. I am curious waiting for Scenemeeting now!

Amiga 64k Intro Competition - Planet Potion by Potion

Ghandy: I have sadly missed to watch this intro at the partyplace as I arrived too late. But many partyvisitors there went on my nerves by telling me all the same sentence: "This intro is one of the fucking best productions that ever came out on our miggy!!" So I hand over the microphone to master Zito telling you the dirty rest! hehe...

Zito: Just ass kicking thing, this! If I remember right - yes, this intro makes use of PPC again - it contained 3 huge parts and was next to be a demo. Great design and fast driving show. Hope they will not start as Nah-Kolor or TBL by celebrating their name and group only, now that the are so famous.

Amiga 64k Intro Competition - The Castle by Loonies

Ghandy: Superb, superb, and once again superb! Thinking of this production, nothing else comes into my mind. Wow! How did Psycho manage to pack all this material into only 64kb?? And he has spend a lot of time to optimise it, letting it run on slow machines doesn`t kill the fun at all!!! Psycho was always one of my favourite coders, "The Castle" shows us effectivly of what he is made of!! Speaking of demos with a 3d engine, Skarla`s "We ride on our enemies" seemed already to be unbeatable with its beauty, optimized code and speed. But Psycho had the skills to minimize all this from the size of a demo into a small introduction!! Look up dear coders, this is what I call a masterpiece!!!! And the others, please do yourself the joy and go to the download section of and grab the final version, which only needs 16mb fastmem!!!

Zito: Liked it a lot and even voted it first. Although it is "only" a 3d engine and an extreme good packing routine for the huge amount of great music and textures. I must recommend to download both versions, the fix and the party release, as both differ a lot. And the fix is not only a fix!

Amiga 64k Intro Competition - Back To Planet Earth by Kangooroo

Zito: A nice intro with a really cool design. A stunning new production by my friend Nemecheck. But it could simply not compete with the other two 64ks. Guess on any other party it had won for 100%.

32k Games Competition - Breakdance by Tulou

Zito: Well, this game has surely not the best graphics but it is an awesome idea. It is so funny and special, that I only kept this in mind until today. I really can not remember any other game from this compo except "Superball on PC" the bad clone of a game by Mr.Vain/Secretly. I do not know why Breakdance only reached the fifth place.

32k Games Competition - Superball by Secretly

Ghandy: Normally people welcome each others by saying "Hi" or "Nice to meet you", or something like that. Mr.Vain/Secretly is the only person I know that greets you by saying "I haven`t been sleeping since four days and four nights in a row!". Well, did I want to hear that? Is that surprising at all? If you know him yourself, then you know that he always doesn`t sleep the last three or four nights before a party starts. Nobody knows why but it`s a matter of fact! But let us come to the review itself. A funny idea to realise this spectator`s game from a breakfast tv-show of the german television channel SAT1. The idea itself is quite old as he has already ported it to the Amiga, but this time he made it coming real on a PC. Nothing else to say, a nice idea which was used twice. Not more and nothing less.

Other Competitions???

Zito: Yes, there were a lot of other competitions, but as we are focusing mainly on executables inside "Demospotting", I will just make some short notes for other special things of which the most interesting is for me, that Fireball/Nuance made the second place in the graphics compo with only one point less then Acryl who won. Interesting is, that Fireball still uses an Amiga with DPaint IV with a limitation of 256 colors for pixeling while Acryl uses true color PC programs and a wellknown name! :-)

What else you should get your hands on is "Limboland" by Frequent/Ephidrena, the winner of the 15 seconds music compo. It is that funny and interesting playing only 15 seconds, that there is no doubt why it has beaten all the others. In the "Robot vs knigh compo gfx" won "Don't Fight, Play Chess" by Laika/Loonies, which is as great as place 2 and 3, but features something more behind the image, something important for the mind which makes it that great at all!