Surprise, Surprise - The Editorial
written by Zito/1oo%^mOOdS^Reason^Scarab

Yes, it is a quite surprising surprise. Even for us! And this although we already delayed when we really started working on JP #11 on 29th of august. The original release was already planed on 15th august (this had been one month earlier than the normal schedule) and I already gathered together every external support (title pics, modules and gallery) needed. But due to Stingray having no time for fixing the buggy engine (only bad for gfx-card users) we use since the JP revival and also Scicco was more than busy with coming [S]carab executables, we were quite demotivated to write articles, make interviews and so on to prepare everything and release it the day we get the bugfix...

But then, after Stingray finally got a new job and found a girl friend, he fixed the engine surprisingly even for us and also added some quite nice features and a new prefs proggy for all the gfx-card users out there. So at the end we thought to delay four weeks in the plan only and not a single day in the normal schedule, but again our master coder Stingray left us in the lurch not able to take his hands off his girl! ;-) (If you want details read his small appology article inside!) And again Ghandy, Gone and me had to wait several weeks, this time for the gallery. But now, nine weeks after the official announced release and five weeks after the planed release, we finally got it out with a minimal real delay of 36 days, which is nothing compared to other nowadays diskmags on Amiga released more or less regulary.

Before you start reading there are some important things we want to let you know first:

Due to Modem "stealing" Ghandy's names for different sections in Showtime #17 from JP, we first thought about renaming those traditional Jurassic Pack ones like "Scene Extreme" or "Party Zone" the way I did in Showtime #16, but then we decided not to do so as these special names were Ghandy's own creations and traditionally part of the "Jurassic Pack" you know. So it is on Modem to rename not on us.

Also we have a new rule because we got some negative critics for using Noogman's re-drawn title picture in #8 and Bridgeclaw's in #9 that has been released somewhere else before (a PC demo and Bridgeclaw's website): WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT 100% UNRELEASED STUFF FOR JP FROM NOW ON! This goes also for some re-used interviews from gfx zone, we simple did not know that so many of you dear readers knew this site before and also read the texts available there! We just wanted to provide our readers the best available things for scene purposes. That this "originality rule" does not need to have an impact on the quantity or quality of JP you can see with this issue. Look and judge yourself!

At last we just want to say we are not back, but we never left the scene! This way we will continue JP the regular way in the future. We still feel the spirit and want to share it with you by providing the best diskmag we are capable to make!