Responsibilities For JP#11 - The Usual Credits

Zito/1oo%^mOOdS^Reason^[S]carabÁC3 - Main Editor (Organizing, collecting, writing, spellchecking, editing, graphics converting, releasing and doing the cliparts respectively photo manipulations), Ghandy/[S]carab^Vantage - Main Editor (Writing, graphical help), Gone/[S]carab^Void - Main Editor (Writing).

Mr.Tickle - Coder (Programming the engine based on the general design by Darkus/Nah-Kolor) Stingray/[S]carab^Scoopex - Coder (Fixing and improving the engine of Mr.Tickle).

Guest Credits

Clipart from JP#11 by Zito/JP TeamxeNusion/Reason - Graphician (Pixeling title picture #1 of the mag), Slayer/Appendix - Graphician (Pixeling title picture #2 of the mag), Grunge/Smash Band - Graphician (Pixeling the original panels of the mag, which had to be fixed a lot by Zito & Doc Mike), Browallia/Nukleus - Graphician (Pixeling the welcome & good bye pictures), Malmis/Nature - Graphician (Pixeling the section cliparts), elapse/mOOdS - Graphician (Doing the backgrounds), Maze/Apathy^mOOdS - Musician (Composing the opening mag tune), Factor6/Reason - Musician (Composing the second mag tune), Mice/Zenon - Musician (Tracking the oldskool diskmag tune), Genetix/ex-Darkage - Musician (Providing a former composed and planed Showtime tune), Isaac/Contraz - Musician (Doing an overnight masterpiece of sound), Essential Sound/Nah-Kolor - (Providing this issue's bonus chip track as the one by ÁC5Tripper/Reason^mOOdS^VoidÁC3 was not to be converted and will see the light of day not before next issue, sorry!), H7/TRSI^dS! - Ascii-Maker (Drawing the Amiga oldskool asciis for .diz and .nfo).

Guest Writers

Blakkhar/mOOdS, xeNusion/Reason, Dipswitch/DCS^1oo%, Slayer/Appendix, d!RT!E/mOOdS, DC Clark/[S]carab, dOC mIKE/mOOdS, DaN DeE/[S]carab^Dogcow, Fishwave/Scoopex^DCS, Cru/1oo%^Toxxin^SAC, Devil/1oo%^Toxxin, Sagrael/Appendix^Taboo, Strife/Apathy, Wade/Fairlight^Haujobb, Flapjack/Madwizards, mados, Scicco/[S]carab, Kufa/Reason^Scoopex, Unlock/Vantage, Morpheus/Flash Inc., AcidRain/mOOdS^tPA

Intro Credits

Scicco/[S]carab - Coder (Fast code and design), xeNusion/Reason - Graphician (Pixeling the nice "Feenwald" start picture), DC Clark/[S]carab - Musician (Being the popstar).

Gallery Credits

Stingray/[S]carab^Scoopex - Coder (Doing as always code and compiling), LCR/Reason - Musician (Jamming the queel 4channel tune named "Japan Star"), DaN DeE/[S]carab^Dogcow - Graphician (Pixeling title picture named "Strong Arm" based on a sketch by ÁC5Gone/[S]carab^VoidÁC3 and the panels), Zito/1oo%^mOOdS^Reason^[S]carab - Editor (Gathered the photos from various privat photo archives of other sceners and writing all texts).

The JP Team

AcidRain/mOOdS^tPA, DaN DeE/[S]carab^Dogcow, Doc Mike/mOOdS, Ghandy/[S]carab^Vantage, Gone/[S]carab^Void, Kniffo, Malmis/Nature, Mice/Zenon, Stingray/[S]carab^Scoopex, Zito/1oo%^mOOdS^Reason^[S]carab, ...and a place for you?