Losing Sceners
by Gone/JP Team

Every once in a while the scene gets shocked and confronted with a scener who is leaving the scene. Whatever his reason may be, it is a tragic loss for the scene and its members.

Not to forget the group he was a member of, they have to search for a new quality scener and try to get him into their group. And this can be very hard to do. Because most sceners who are equipped with a gift of being terrific are mostly stuck in another group where they feel good and don't plan to leave of course. There can be exceptions to this rule, but most of the time the legend sceners don't switch much.

So the scene loses a legend and there you have a problem! But is this actually a big problem?

Of course it's a bad thing to loose a scener, for many years this scener has worked on nice releases and did some hard work for the scene to keep it alive and get the release wagon rolling from time to time. And of course we loose a good friend and get demotivated a bit.

But when you look on the other side, when this legend leaves, the sceners who are willing to break through can take this opportunity to get their medal of honour on their chest. If you are good and if you are willing to spend some time on making a few good releases you can earn the space this legend left behind and fill it up, because the scene is seeking for new legends all the time!

And sometimes, when we are searching for new legends, we forget the sceners who are there (when you speak about morality the same) but did not get the change to prove themselves on the scene yet. And this is what we can blame ourselves for. We don't only loose legends, but we also ignore a lot of average sceners who can turn out to be legends in the future, and loose them also this way, but nobody seems to care about that!

I only read stories about legends who quit, how bad it is and how sad all of us are when some legend leaves the mystical world of the scene. But what about the average, young and unknown sceners? Do they only deserve a small notice in a news section? Don't we misjudge these sceners? Maybe they are more important as we try to believe!?

If there were only legends, would this scene be as interesting as it is today and in the past. If there were no "regular" sceners, the scene would be much smaller. And if there were only regular sceners this scene would also be not the scene it is today, cause there wouldn't be any spectacular releases or new routines.

So every scener we loose is a great loss whether it's a legend or no legend, it is the same spirit and affection they share. But if you judge the scener on his activity and quality, you can say that the legend deserves a better goodbye. And perhaps this is true, but when you talk about the love for the Amiga and the scene they should be treated equally.