Amiga Demospotting - Volume Four
Idea & Introduction by Ghandy
Spotters are this time: Scicco, Zito & StingRay


The wellknown drug addicted movie "Trainspotting" was my inspiration to call this review series Demospotting. Trainspotters are people that count and document trains that pass them. Naturally they cannot see many details as those trains come along much too fast. But what we do here is nearly the same. We grab all the releases that came out since the last issue of Jurassic Pack, have a short look on them and write down spontaneously what comes into our mind.

Don`t expect long descriptions or explanations for our spotttings. Expect just a few lines for each "train" that came along. If you want to take part in our DemoSpotting crew, write a mail to and we`ll send you a list with all the productions that could be spotted.

Also, it`s no big deal to organize you an account at Ramses` "Uphold The Law" BBS in order to be able to grab most of or if not all the stuff you`ll need. Probably the one or other demo or intro should gain more recognition but we`ll leave that for other editors who are interested to write about it.

Otherwise, by doing it this way, not a single production will be missed. Major releases will with or without our help find their way to the visitors, but for less known sceners feedback or a bit public relations is needed badly!

So in each issue of Jurassic Pack you`ll get an overview what came out inbetween and what is worth looking at. It`s a matter of fact that every spotter has an own point of view. That`s why always more than one person writes down his comments, the more spotters - the better!

So, let`s start, the most recent production comes first, the oldest at last. You want to grab any of these files? Install Dctelnet or another telnet client and dial at port 23. Don`t hesitate to write me a mail if any problems occur, I`ll help you then.

So let us the show get started:

Beape (no sound party version) by Mayhem Amiga 4k intro from Cafe 2002

Ghandy: Be Ape! A complete doom-alike 3d engine with a strange set of colours, not too slow and not so fast but still quite cool for a 4k! And most of all: It`s completly running in multitasking!! If it would be a bit faster, with sound and a better choice of colours, it would have been perfect!

Zito: Well, I think it is especially nowadays better to release "perfect minus one" demos, than to release anything. This is also the case with this intro. It is, well, boring and not very good. The only thing I liked are the colors, but I think if this coder continues his work, he might become a good Amiga exeutable designer at last. Do not give up Mayhem.

3D-Boing by B.H.L. Amiga 4k intro from Cafe 2002

Zito: Same as above. A coder I talked to about it simply called it crap. And maybe he is right, but though I think that it is better to release crap than to do anything!

Ghandy: And I totally disagree!! An Amiga boingball with many faces which is jumping around, hits the walls and moves in a room in three dimensions. Probably interesting for coders - sorry, it didn`t gain my interest. Better release nothing istead of this shit!

StingRay: Nothing impressive, even for a 4k.

team PowerAmiga present * the first russian demo for Amiga * " ! P R O P A G A N D A " the demo v. 0.99 placed 1st in the CAFe'2002 Demo Competition

Stingray: Nice demo! Even though there are no high-tech routines in this production, the overall design and especially the fullscreen graphics are very nice. Well done.

Ghandy: WOW! For a russian demo this is damn cool I must say! L-graph has done a fabulous job with these grahics, I especially love the pic of this this soldier, who`s activating a handgranate. Team Power Amiga combined the old russian propaganda from the good old USSR-days with nowadays effects. Maybe those aren`t mindblasting but the demo is really entertaining! Propaganda is worth a try, seems the russian scene has improved a lot in the meantime!

Zito: Oh, damned! Finally the first russian demo since ages. And a fine one too! This "propaganda" demos is not only funny because of the russian history, but also very good in relation to nowadays standards on 68k Amigas. This comes especially due to the superb graphics by C-Graph, an at least for me unknown graphician who might have a brilliant future in the scene. The music fits good and the code is average and makes the whole demo a good show, even if no stunning routines were shown.

Bluebox Cinematique GmbH. Wer braucht Torus eigentlich? Minimal Amiga/060 64k intro for AntiQ2002 - Buggy, wait for final.

Zito: Quite funny, but in any way not serious release by a group I have never heard of before. Also that it features texts in german displayed in a demomaker like style will not bring much fame to BCG, but who needs Torus anyway? =)

Ghandy: Translation: Who needs a torus anyway? Obviously german guys that normally aren`t in touch with the scene have made this funny intro. Don`t expect anything new but if you`re coming from Germany, you`ll enjoy the texts inside! The choice of colours remind me of old intros from Lonestarr of Spaceballs.

Stingray: Who needs this intro anyway? It's not funny, it's not good, it's just a boring piece of ***censored***.

PUSH Entertainment 4k intro -= HUMUS 3 =- rev 2

Stingray: He did it before and he'll do it again.... No more comments. Code recycling to the max rulez....NOT!!!

Scicco: Well, humus3 should show what is possible with Exploders engine. I think he should not have released so many equal intros before. He better should have spend more time to finish an intro like this one and kick the peoples ass more than ever. But as we all know that he just wants money it has no more sense to discuss this...

Ghandy: Exploder - give it up! We`re more than sick of your re-re-re-re-using recycling-to- the-maximum-machinery. Yes, you are a good coder. Yes, your routines are running smooth but: No! We don`t want to see the same shit again and again. Each new production of yours should be disqualified until you come and show us something new.
Is that SO DAMN HARD? I`m sure it`s not! You want to earn money in order to produce games? Okay, bring us something delightful and we`ll pay you the prizemoney! Else any partyorganizer round the world will disqualify your work. Sadly they will even if Exploder would bring on something really unused as it`s already hard to say if an intro was released by him or not! All those same names for intros, routines, different numbers of revisions with exactly the same size etc. etc. are more than confusing.

Zito: Sorry, no comment about this from my side anymore. Read the reasons in EC45.

Haujobb at TRSAC 2002: Tetsuo3

Ghandy: "Tetsuo 3" is an 64k intro you have to wait for a long time! On a 060 it precalculates for around two and a half minutes, depends if you have installed the Oxyron patcher or not. But afterall, it`s worth waiting for it. Optima once again shows off what he`s able to do. The objects from Hellfire fit well to the rest, only Marc`s module gets boring with the time. Nice to see that at least one coder in Haujobb is still there who has not already left for the other side - the wintel one of course I mean.

Scicco: Well, I miss the colors, even it seems like it was ment to be monochrome.

Zito: Well, a nice styled monochrome 1x1 demo, after you survived the heavy pre-calculation even on 060 cpus. Not the best HJB production I have seen, also not the best by Optima, but at least a good sign that Optima still has not really given up the Amiga scene, although he claimed to very often. But it is worth the download as it is only 64k.

Stingray: Seen it once, I remember it wasn't bad but it wasn't good enough to catch my interest either.

Enter by Laxative Effects - TRSAC 2002 demo

Scicco: I liked the 8 perfect squares part!

Zito: Hmh, another Amos demo just to earn money. Well, guess they reached their goal, even if their demo from Underscore was much better.

Ghandy: So, what is this?? Malmis of Nature doing a fun production with Amos. For a graphician this is fine, else nothing spectecular I could speak of.

Merde by Hotdog Productions 64k intro from TRSAC 2002

Scicco: The title is perfectly choosen!

Ghandy: This intro refused to execute on my machine! Maybe there are versions out there which do work but that one from Uphold the Law sadly didn`t.

Zito: Do not take this production serious, but the title!

Brainsurge 4k by Hotdog Productions TRSAC 2002 4k-intro

Scicco: Doesn't look like someone has spent much time on it!

Ghandy: This intro also refused to execute on my A4000/60/CGFX! At least the version distributed by the UTL.

zener_01.lzx slach 2003 demo

Ghandy: A fundemo where a PC converts to the computer Hal 9000 out of a movie. Don`t hesitate to download it unless you understand the french language or their sense of humour. (or both)

Les Points S.O. - 680X0 amiga demo. AGA from Slach 2002 Party

Ghandy: This demo refuses to work on my Amiga. Either it reports problems with executing the internal script or it fucks up after ten seconds and produces a guru afterwards. Sadly none of the other spotters wanted to write about this production either. Or is that maybe a sign? ;-)


Scicco: Really nice idea for a game-or-what-else production. Anyway I felt bored after playing for some minutes. Fantastic music btw!

Stingray: Nice sound!!! The design is pretty good too, yet I miss a sense in this production. Maybe I'm just too dumb for this kind of productions. :)

Ghandy: Play with Up Rough! A 64k intro which is ment for the childrish hearts inside us. Nice idea & chiptune, not my taste but a cool idea afterall.

Zito: This is innovation. This is fun. This is great. Just play!

NINJA IN THE SHOWER by Ninja Gefilus a intro released at assembly 2002 (disqualified)

Zito: Never laughed that much while a 4k is running. Get it and enjoy also the good music. It is simple, but good.

Ghandy: One could really ask himself why the heck this intro was disqualified at the Assembly as there`s nothing wrong with it. But otherwise it`s also not worth to grab it, I`ve seen far better or more interesting things!

SoFTWARe FaIituRe BraIn OvErDrive Released at Euskal 10, held in Spain

Ghandy: Seems I`m really unlucky this time, the intro also does not want to run on my machine, it starts to precalculate and that`s all. Maybe the others?

Zito: Well, as Ham is a group mate I will say anything about it except that I liked it!

Sotakyrpä by Spaceballs and Ephidrena 4k intro released at Assembly 2002

Scicco: Typical loaderror-music but I love it. :) The colors of the effect are not my cup of coffee but the effects itself are quite nice.

Ghandy: Slummy and Loaderror working together. Normally I`m not a fan of 4k intros but this one is an exception. Good work guys!

Promille by Rock 4k intro released at assembly 2002

Ghandy: Here the sound is completly missing but 4k aint much space to fill! Really not a bad one but as I`m no coder, I can`t judge so well.

Zito: Sadly this intro refused to run on all my machines and different configs... :-(

joter2000 by Pipe/Nature 2k-intro at GREP 2002

Ghandy: Nature`s soundengine really rocks but else this intro doesn`t provide anything special for me. But I`m sure this would be different if I would see the things with the sight of a coder that knows how hard things are to program.

a demo by elcrew named "Solkiga luder och fula kuber" releases at GREP in July 2002

Ghandy: Well, this could be a funny production but the music`s missing. Don`t have a clue why but all my tries to have a bit sound totally failed.

Wir Brauchen Mehr Zorro Karten!!! [Amiga]-[AGA]-[DEMO]-[S!P]-[2002]

Zito: Is S!P a subgroup (or whatever) of TRSI? Was known to me as something with quality. Well, this demo is no crap, but it is also nothing good or even new. Just some routines displayed one by one and some nice music. But as I have written in my article "Better Release Crap?" in this very JP issue...

Ghandy: (S!P isn`t a subgroup of TRSI, don`t let this hear the sleeping gods ;-) Not a bad demo but hey, we aren`t located in the year 1993 anymore, some modern effects would have been good afterall. If you watch this demo, you have the impression that since the early nienties nothing has changed. But as you all know it did. If you`re seeking for the hidden part - press space while the Linux flag comes up.
P.S.:For a good laugh you should have a look at the funny discussion at Pouet regarding this production. Come on, just follow our link which is:

Laxative Effects "Geléhallon" demo @ grep2k2

Ghandy: Oh no, not another Amos demo, please not! They have some nice ideas but that all was already seen before some thousand times. Read Zito`s comment!!

Zito: Already released at Underscore!!!! A re-release!!

- = r a d i a t o r = - p r e z e n t a "Hangover" - disk mag edited by sordan/rad+tff

Zito: Nice to see the young swapper Sordan doing an own diskmag meanwhile. Sadly it is in polish only, especially because it features nice graphics and musics, while the engine itself looks more like designed with a pd-tool or something similar. Worth a second try, I think, especially in english to judge it the way a diskmag should be judged: by the articles.

Ghandy: This seems not to be my lucky day! This mag also definatly does not want to work properly on my machine! I see the two titlepictures but can`t read the menu or any of the articles, which all seem to be in polish language. Running it after a clean boot also doesn`t change the situation.


Zito: Jo, this was cool. Just have a look even if asm is over!

Ghandy: Assembly is already over but this multiplatform invitation was really cool! It was exactly the same invite-tro on C64, Amiga and PC! Nice stuff, well done! Not that I would join this party now or in future but the introstuff was a good advertisment.

apathy presents `---[ Digital Chips #31 ]---'

Stingray: Wow, pretty good for an Apathy production which I usually don't like due to the silly and not really good stuff. But this one is an exception, the design is very good, the articles aren't that bad either and well, I'm a lover of chippie toonez so I can't complain about the musics either. Definitely worth a look!

Ghandy: For me one of the biggest surprises of the past months. The Digital Chips are back in town and this time with new fabulous graphics from Angeldust, new and modern code from Strife and it contained some real good articles inside. Digital Chips are not a pure chippack anymore, they aim to be a hybrid combination of many different things, being a diskmag is one among them. Don`t get lazy now, it`s time for more diskmags, we need them badly.

Contraz Presents WWWebster 2 A 64k adtro - released at Solskogenparty

Zito: I really enjoyed this intro. Not because of its bombastic design or so, but because of the minimalistic music and style and especially because this intro has been release just to announce the coming now website of Contraz. Feels like the good old times!

Stingray: This runs way too slow on my 68o3o to be enjoyable. I wonder why the code is that slow since the routines are pretty simple, even the picture dissolve routine runs with 5fps or so... Also, there are quite some heavy timing bugs in it! From a coders point of view, this production didn't impress me. The music is not my taste either. The design is not that bad, though.

Ghandy: Just a small but well designed intro to inform us that their website is now reachable under ! But the idea itself to release an intro in order to advertise for their site is really cute.

Brygada RR prezentuje nowe zajebiste crazy demko o tytule "KAWALERIA SCENOWA" demoscene party "SYMPHONY" Tuczno 2002 When the dream and reality are CRAZY!

Ghandy: Oh my god, how low can you go? 4.8 megs for nothing, really nothing! Beware of this shit!!

Brygada RR prezentuje nowe crazy demko o tytule "GEORGE" demoscene party "SYMPHONY" Tuczno 2002 When the dream and reality are CRAZY!

Ghandy: With this demo they show that the president of the USA, George Bush, is more an ape than a man. Well, didn`t we knew that before? ;-) Else, let the file where it is, on the hd of somebody else!

DRESGENESIS by Base Urain Crazy demo from Symphony 2002

Ghandy: Absolute crap!! Had to quit the demo while it was running and that should say it all...

Zito: Crazy demo? Yes! To be remembered for sure? No! :(

jumalauta presents a demo called vaihda first seen at lobotomia 20002

Ghandy: What the fuck? Let this file where it belongs, it`s not worth getting these 143k anyway!

The Way by Zenon a demo released at Lobotomia 02

Zito: Another nice and floating Zenon demo presenting sadly nothing special or stunning new. This crew is still active and proof this (and this is good) but they do not develop any further!

Ghandy: This didn`t kick me off my chair but you cannot critisize design, music or anything from this demo. Zenon once again show that we should count on their skills in the future! I especially enjoyed the digibooster module from Mice.

Solskoge Party Intro by SPACEBALLS !!!

Zito: Tiny, nice, but with re-used Travolta music old as stones! :-)

Ghandy: Travolta`s chiptune inside this fastly made invitetro is really a blast from the past! But I also like the rest of this intro, hey Slummy, nice stuff!

Veezya: Embion Pack Issue Number: Seven!

Zito: The panels look damn great. And it was also good to see my old friend Kempy in action again, but that a chippack nowadays has to feature AHI is baring any sense. Maybe with the next issue it will really support MP3 as the compiler/editor sarcastically stated in the editorial? Well...

Stingray: Nice one! Not many articles to find here, but most of the tunes rule supreme!

Ghandy: Kempy of Dcs & Veezya is after a long delay back with issue number seven of his chippack Embrion. Normally I`m not such a big fan of ahi supported stuff but Embrion is cool. Discover news, adverts, messages, interviews and a lot more interesting stuff you would normally not expect in a chippack! The design is outstanding, the mods from Essential Sound, Revisq, Curt Cool, Mice and Tzx are really good. Go on this way mate!

Her-Collection - Music Pack - [Amiga]

Zito: Hell, the music is good and Paradox still alive on other platforms with old members, but where is the executable menu, the pack itself? There must be apdx coder who could and should do such an easy thing. Otherwise this series will never be able to compete with others of its kind!

Ghandy: Regarding the info textfile this collection of chiptunes from Estrayk of Paradox was ment for the ones who remember the good old days when the scene was fun and not overrun by l33ch3rs and other useless scumbags thinking that an Internet account makes them being l33t. Sadly Paradox doesn`t provide any coded menu, it`s just a plain lha-archive with the chippies inside but try them out, Estrayk rocks surpreme!

HORIZONTAL LAMERZ presents Vertical Toroids & Horizontal Cycloids

Ghandy: Don`t hesitate, let it be to download this production!

Zito: This thing is damned big and damned short. I would even doubt to call it a demo, or even Amiga demo. But it is an release and maybe the czech scene is not really dead. Would be something lucky!

Still Rabbin' It by Squirrelz - TG2002 Demo

Ghandy: The whole scene is full of funny productions but why don`t all these productions make me happy or cause amusement at all?

Scrimm by Spaceballs - TG2002 Demo

Ghandy: Scrimm from Spaceballs is a welldone demo with pleasant effects, an eyecatching design and a smooth tune. Congrats Spaceballs, I really like this demo!!

Stingray: Pretty boring in my opinion. Why the musician needed 32 channels for the tune is something I really don't understand, but anyway... This looks like a very fast made production to me, Slummy can do much better! The only thing I really liked were the color schemes. Gonna watch Psycho Killer again now. :)

Destination 13.89 by Furryboys - TG2002 Demo

Ghandy: A small fun production which seems to be done from members of Spaceballs and Ephidrena. Not much to report of this one. It`s too short, always the same effects again & again and Nick Knatterton`s tune is quite boring if you ask me.

CONTRAZ - Snop - MC68020, AGA, 4MB Fast Ram TG2002 .. Amiga Demo Compo

Zito: I never like Contraz demos as none of those I have seen surprised me or made me staring with opened mouth. So also with this one: Nice and average but nothing spectacular. Therefore Contraz produced some of my all-time favorite intros. Maybe the guys behind this active-since-years group should focus on shorter stuff.

Ghandy: Snop from Contraz was for sure one of the highlights of this Demospotting#4. Good music, nice design and fancy effects. Only that they should have released it at Mekka^Symposium instead at The Gathering but Snop is worth the bytes you`ll have to download.