Better Release Crap?
by Zito/1oo%^mOOdS^[S]carab

Watching the productions released for Amiga computers the last months, I noticed that at a minimum of the half they were not the average scene productions we used to watch the half year before! Why that?

Some people I talked to were angry about those lamers releasing such crappy intros or even demos. They got especially furious when those "things" were the only releases at parties representing the Amiga scene. Others noticed them but gave a damn about. I for myself accept both positions, but have a totally different idea why it is as it is and why it is something positive, something we have to take care for with happiness instead of either ignore or abandon it from our memories.

Yes, I see those "lame" executables as something that gives hope for a brilliant future of the Amiga scene! Because most of these "crappy productions" I am talking about were done by newbies and newbies mean new descendants following our traces, making a scene after us possible! And as it is "Everything and everybody started this way: unprofessional and crappy." These are old wise words those never lost their truth. Surely some coders - I am not only talking about coders, but in this special issue I am refering to it depends mostly on those kind of scene artists - appeared directly with an astounding intro or demo, but that was only possible because they hid their first steps. And this "crappy stuff" existed in the "good old times" too, but was not noticed that much due to many many many other productions far better were released the same time too.

Everyone needs to develop! But as people are different you can not command everybody to wait with an official release until he/she can code like legendary or at least average skilled sceners. Some simply want to release the tiny things they have created with their sweat and tears. Maybe these newcomers just need some kick in the butt to make it better or some friendly but honest words to feel noticed and welcome. Don't you think it would be worth the e-mail? The future of the scene for some honest lines? Just some friendly direct words...

So my conclusion is: Better release crap and develop new skills, than stay silent until you become a perfect coder. It might be that you will never be satisfied until you or at least the Amiga scene will have died because of new newcomers or that you give up because of these reasons. It would be a pitty, for all of us!